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Natural energizers of uplifting Brazilian yerba mate and rich deep, chocolatey cocoa. Nature's way to lessen fatigue and raise mental mood.
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cocoa mate minteas
cocoa mate minteas
44 servings
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cocoa mate

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sorbitol, xylitol, yerba mate tea, cocoa, natural flavors, Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, calcium stearate

Caffeine Level

Low in Caffeine
Low in Caffeine


Fair Trade Certified
Fair Trade Certified

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Stay Awake

I keep a tin of these Cocoa Mate minteas in my car and if I feel myself getting drowsy behind the wheel I just pop two of these in my mouth and within minutes I am wide awake.

4/21/13  |  Sharon, Mountain View, MO


I received these mints today and oh my.. they are delicious! Talk about addicting! I haven't even had them for a full 24 hours and I think me and my husband have gone through half the tin, lol. I would describe the taste of this particular flavor like cocoa with a tinge of mint flavor. It is delicious!

12/23/12  |  Shawna, Chandler, AZ

Love these

I am not a mint person and have never purchased mints before. I received these in my birchbox and fell in love!

8/2/12  |  jahnessa, houston, TX

Love these!

I absolutely LOVE these mints. Can't stop eating them!

8/2/11  |  Robin, Glendale, AZ


The chocolate flavor really comes out in the mint!

8/12/10  |  Cindy, Marlborough, MA

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