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An exceptional tea experience, offering the healthful joy of spring-harvested, shade-grown, stone-ground green tea.

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Energize your body with a daily dose of matcha. Our USDA certified organic matcha green tea is made from the shade-grown Japanese tea leaves that are stone-ground to a fine powder. Matcha has been credited with being a natural energy booster and antioxidant-packed super-food that boosts metabolism and mental clarity. Providing an even-burning level of caffeine without the jitters, it makes a great coffee substitute, while rich in fiber and essential vitamins. Delicious hot, steamed or iced, uses for culinary grade matcha green tea powder are endless. Try it in a latte, smoothies, or add it to your favorite cooking and baking recipes. Each resealable pouch contains 113 grams (4 oz) of matcha, enough for 45 servings.
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Tea Type : Green Tea

Tea Forté’s Pure Matcha is an exceptional tea experience, offering the healthful joy of spring-harvested, shade-grown, stone-ground green tea. Its enlivening, earthy flavor comes as a surprise to those who are experiencing matcha for the first time, and its smooth richness is pleasing and familiar to those who love the ancient green powdered tea.

Stronger when prepared with water and more mellow when prepared with frothed milk, this matcha is not a blend, but rather, a single-ingredient offering. Its distinct flavor opens with the unmistakable lushness matcha is known for and rounds off into a vibrant green note as it swirls across the tongue. Because matcha powder is made using the entire green tea leaf, it carries a host of health benefits.

Matcha dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China, when it was dried into bricks from which people could break off small pieces and stir them into hot water for an invigorating natural beverage. In the 12th century, the father of Zen Buddhism introduced the concept of matcha to Japan, and it was incorporated into traditional Japanese matcha ceremonies over the centuries to come. Today, matcha is enjoyed around the world, due in part to its distinctive green color and in part to its status as a superfood, packed with antioxidants.

Pure Matcha may be prepared in a variety of ways. It may be served hot or cold, mixed with water or frothed milk. True tea enthusiasts may wish to prepare the ancient drink using our Ceremonial Bowl Set which comes with a traditional bowl, whisk, and ladle.

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  • Steeping instructions

    For hot matcha, blend one Matcha Single Steeps® (or 1 teaspoon) into 3.5 ounces of near-boiling water. Whisk thoroughly until rich and foamy. For best results, use a traditional bamboo whisk or frother.

    For a matcha latté, blend one Matcha Single Steeps® (or 1 teaspoon) into 3.5 ounces of warm milk. Thoroughly mix with frother until tea becomes rich and foamy.

    For iced matcha or an iced matcha latte, blend one Matcha Single Steeps® (or 1 teaspoon) into 3.5 ounces of cool water (or milk for a latte). Mix thoroughly and add ice. For best results, use a traditional bamboo whisk or frother.

    Tasting Notes

    Flavor: A smooth, creamy, rich kick of pure matcha
    Aroma: Earthy, verdant & lush
    Color: Deep green with water, light green with milk


    • Green tea powder

    Caffeine Content (Mg)

    0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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    1. Pamela R.
      Verified Buyer

      amazing flavor

      This matcha is soo good! You can actually taste the green tea in it! It's not just a plain leaf flavor!

      09/02/20 | HOUSTON, TX
    2. Kitty S.
      Verified Buyer

      At last a Matcha that I love!

      I have gone through many various pursuits for top quality Matcha. I have had to stop drinking coffee for allergy reasons (mold toxins found in coffee beans), and though that loss has been hard, discovering Matcha has been wonderful! Ceremonial grade is what I have discovered to be the best over culinary grade (bitter). Tea Forte's Pure Matcha had me at first latte sip!!!! Talk about WOW and happy dance! So much so, I got the other matcha canisters but face it 1 oz won't cut it for everyday enjoyment. I have to keep this stash stocked! You know its good when you worry you are running out! LOL I love the 4 oz pouch because honestly its my new "coffee" and I LOVE IT! Trying out different recipes to find the perfect cup...I am a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur (don't judge me) as I have traveled the world in pursuit of its best coffee, I have since given that up and have begun to really enjoy all the benefits of a quality Japanese Matcha. I still drink coffee occasionally because I just love a good cup. I digress. Try the Pure Matcha! If you like almond milk, I have found that Trader Joe's unsweetened vanilla almond milk with this matcha and your sugar free sweetener of choice (and for decadence if you like Starbucks sugar free vanilla) makes a heavenly party in your cup on ice or hot. An outrageously delicious cup! So good. BUY IT. TRY IT! It's worth it! I'm not paid to give this review but when you invest a lot of time trying to find the best quality, the reviews matter. Sure its my opinion, but when you spend $30 on a 2oz or less matcha that tastes like bitter dirt, you get upset. This Pure Matcha and their spicy Chai matcha is bomb.com. Better than anything I have found on Amazon and local health stores in terms of taste and quality and more importantly PURITY. Tea Forte is amazing. Period. Enjoy!

      09/02/20 | LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL
    3. Dee W.
      Verified Buyer

      Great flavor

      I’ve been drinking different black and green teas for many years but recently started drinking matcha. I tried a couple different brands but Tea Forte’ is my favorite. I bought the Tea Forte’ whisk, spoon, and bowl also. I use the set couple times a day to make a perfect cup of matcha.

      08/27/20 | Kasson, MN
    4. Deborah F.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Smooth and Creamy

      I had bought the Matcha Sampler, which was great for tasting all the different flavors available, and to my surprise, I found that I liked the original, classic matcha very much. Previously, every time I had matcha it was bitter, but Tea Forte's matcha is very smooth and creamy, if you use the right amount and froth it well. Too much powder gets clumpy and a little bitter, so don't use the same teaspoon amount you would for, say, loose tea leaves. I am thinking of buying the proper whisk and tea ladle to get it right every time. I bought the Yunomi tea cups and measure out oat milk in them to warm up and then add the Pure Matcha powder to whip it up into a latte. I love the ritual of drinking it from these Japanese glass cups. It's my afternoon pick-me-up with just the right amount of caffeine boost too.

      06/27/20 | New York, NY
    5. Victoria W.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Keeping it fresh and tasty

      I love the ziplock pouch because it stores the matcha so it is fresh for each use. This matcha has a smooth soft palette of flavor with no bitterness. I first made an iced matcha and it was frothy and refreshing. I also like using it to make Green tea ice cream.

      06/27/20 | Coarsegold, CA
    6. Kyong Y.
      Verified Buyer

      Doesn’t dissolve completely

      Flavor is ok, not anywhere near the strength that I am use to when I buy matcha in Japan. The main problem with this is that the matcha does not dissolve, no matter how much I whisk it. In fact, two bristles has broken off from my matcha whisk while trying to dissolve the powder. I hate sipping tea and all of a sudden, I get little beads of matcha in the mouth. Not pleasant at all.

      05/21/20 | Burlingame, CA
    7. EllenMarie B.
      Verified Buyer

      Pure Match tea is Beyond Wonderful

      02/25/20 | Scottsdale, AZ
    8. Alanna S.
      Verified Buyer


      This matcha is delicious! It makes a perfect matcha latte!

      02/25/20 | North Reading, MA
    9. Linnea M.
      Verified Buyer

      Very good!

      I like regular green tea, but I've never had pure Matcha before, so wasn't sure whether I'd like it. It turns out that I love it! I bought a bamboo whisk to stir it up into a froth and really enjoy it with just a bit of sugar and cream (like a latte). Yummy!!

      02/22/20 | NEWARK, DE
    10. Praveen K.
      Verified Buyer

      Good quality tea

      My first time using matcha tea. It’s hard to dissolve but that’s expected with good matcha. Best to make a thick paste and then add more hot water. I like the taste

      02/12/20 | HICKSVILLE, NY
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