Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set includes iced sampler 5pk

Iced Tea
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All one needs to steep authentic iced tea. Our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set includes two sculpturally designed, heat-resistant Steep & Chill™ pitchers that stack for a dramatic presentation. This set also includes one Sampler box of five iced tea infusers (one pyramid each: Ceylon Gold, Blood Orange, Mango Peach, Ginger Pear and Raspberry Nectar). Steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher and then flash-chill deliciously fresh iced tea by pouring the brewed beverage over ice in lower pitcher for immediate service.

Pitcher Set includes
  • Two glass pitchers: one small pitcher for steeping, one large pitcher for ice
  • One Tea Over Ice Sampler box of 5 iced teas
Single blend iced teas are available in our Tea Over Ice 5pks or our Tea Over Ice Event Boxes of 40 pyramids. The proportions of hot water, tea and ice are perfectly balanced to produce a fresh 24 ounces of iced tea with each infuser.


Learn how to flash-chill authentic iced tea in minutes with our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set.

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  1. Elena C.
    Verified Buyer

    Delightfully Civilized

    You haven't experienced ice tea, the way ice tea should be experienced.........until you brew it in this elegant glass pitcher set. I'm just sayin'.

    06/18/19 | MALIBU, CA
  2. Olivia M.
    Verified Buyer

    Very Fragile

    This broke on the first use. Teas is delicious but the pitcher is unrealistically delicate.

    05/26/19 | New Orleans, LA
  3. nikki r.
    Verified Buyer

    Love it

    Not only is this aesthetically the most unique set, I love the tea!

    05/23/19 | englewood cliffs, NJ
  4. Leslie E.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect iced tea for one!

    I love iced tea on hot days, but I hate tea that’s set in the refrigerator picking up miscellaneous flavors. This set makes one perfect 16oz glass of iced tea. I can have different flavors of tea throughout the day, with minimal effort. It is always fresh, perfectly iced and delicious!

    03/05/19 | Valley Center, CA
  5. Mary R.
    Verified Buyer

    Wonderful product

    I love my tea over ice pitcher set. It makes for a beautiful presentation, not to mention delicious tea. I love that it is naturally flavored with no artificial sweeteners and no calories. I would highly recommend this product.

    02/21/19 | Wakefield, MA
  6. Melissa L.
    Verified Buyer

    Easy, delicious, and pretty

    Perfect way to make a quick pitcher of fresh, flavorful iced tea for your guests

    02/20/19 | Middletown, CT
  7. Bonnie W.
    Verified Buyer

    Love this

    Great tea........easy to use. Love this so much that I use it every day.

    02/18/19 | Clarksville, MD
  8. Carol P.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea over ice pitcher ser

    I purchased this for a gift to give to my sister since she loves iced tea. Well, she just loved it and the tea too! She said the set is elegant and the tea is the best she has ever had. Now I know the next gift for her will be a variety of tea from Tea Forté.

    02/11/19 | Buffalo, NY
  9. Jacqueline K.
    Verified Buyer

    Just love this

    I saw this at a friends and just had to have. The size is perfect and makes a perfect pot of ice tea.

    02/10/19 | Staten island, NY
  10. Amanda R.
    Verified Buyer

    No other way to drink iced tea

    We first tried the tea over ice at a restaurant where they brought the pitcher to our table. We loved the presentation and taste so much that we had to go home and do some research on Tea Forte! We are so excited to have the pitcher at home to make our own iced tea. It makes the perfect amount to share a few glasses together, and has great style. I think this will be great to have when entertaining guests as well. There is now no other way to drink iced tea in our house!

    02/10/19 | Saint Louis, MO
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