Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set includes iced sampler 5pk

Iced Tea
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All one needs to steep authentic iced tea in minutes. Our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set includes two sculpturally designed, heat-resistant Steep & Chill™ pitchers that stack for a dramatic presentation. Also included is a Sampler box of five iced tea infusers, one pyramid each: Ceylon Gold, Blood Orange, Mango Peach, Ginger Pear and Raspberry Nectar. Steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher, then flash-chill by pouring the brewed beverage into the lower pitcher filled with ice for immediate service. The set makes 24 ounces of flash-chilled iced tea per infuser.

Pitcher Set includes
  • Two glass pitchers: one small pitcher for steeping (12 oz), one large pitcher for ice (24 oz)
  • One Tea Over Ice Sampler box of 5 iced teas
  • Glass pitchers are dishwasher safe, not recommended for microwave

Single blend iced teas are available in our Tea Over Ice 5pks or our Tea Over Ice Event Boxes of 40 pyramids. The proportions of hot water, tea, and ice are perfectly balanced to produce 24 ounces of fresh iced tea with each infuser.


Learn how to flash-chill authentic iced tea in minutes with our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set.

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  1. Stacy C.
    Verified Buyer

    Unique and delicious

    This brews the perfect iced tea. The only reason that I didn’t give it 5-stars is that the tea is pricey for the amount it produces (2-3 full glasses) and also because it requires relatively quick consumption so the ice in the receiving pitcher doesn’t melt all the way and dilute the tea too much. Other than those issues, I love this.

    07/06/20 | Tucson, AZ
  2. Michelle A.
    Verified Buyer


    Such a treat!

    06/30/20 | Geneva, IL
  3. Gerard K.
    Verified Buyer

    Fantastic Customer Service

    I purchased the Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set for my mom for Mother's Day and she absolutely loves it. Maybe more important, though, is how great this company was to work with. Obviously, shipping during the pandemic has been problematic. Tea Forte shipped the package promptly and I expected a delay in delivery. However, two weeks after the expected arrival date, my mom still hadn't received the package. When I checked the tracking number, the Post Office reported that the package was delivered, basically on the date it was expected. Still, my mom had not received the package, so I started to investigate. Turns out the Post Office claimed they delivered the package to the wrong address, but when my parents neighbors said they never received a package (they're great neighbors who always help my parents), the Post Office said it must have been stolen from their porch. Even worse, the Post Office said they couldn't/wouldn't reimburse me for the lost package, and they suggested I contact the company. I felt like this was the Post Office's error, so they should be responsible, but I reached out to Tea Forte anyway and explained the situation. Without hesitation, and with no further questions asked, Tea Forte sent my mom a new Tea Over Ice set with no additional charges to me! I couldn't believe they were willing to make up for a mistake that wasn't even theirs! I fully expected to eat that money and buy another tea set, but sure enough, within 24 hours of contacting Tea Forte, I received confirmation that a new package had shipped. Thank you, Tea Forte! The post office lost my original order and wouldn't compensate me, but Tea Forte sent a new package without a question!

    06/12/20 | Lancaster, PA
  4. Kathleen W.
    Verified Buyer

    Love it!

    It’s so much fun! I bought the 5pk iced tea sampler. I tested a different flavor each of the 5 days. It was easy and fun to prepare each day. Now I’m reordering my favorites. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends. I know you’ll love the tea over ice pitcher set, too!

    03/28/20 | Elk Grove, CA
  5. Laurie B.
    Verified Buyer

    I love my Tea Over Ice Pitcher. I can't believe I have lived without it!!!!

    03/03/20 | Mobile, AL
  6. Justine S.
    Verified Buyer

    Great gift!

    I purchased this for a birthday gift for a friend who has everything. She absolutely loved it.

    02/25/20 | Charlotte, NC
  7. Dana H.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect Iced Tea Set!

    After experiencing this set at a prominent restaurant, I was thrilled to find it available for home use! Tea Forte makes the best pour over iced tea and the process is beautiful to watch!

    02/22/20 | Northwood, NH
  8. sungkeun s.
    Verified Buyer

    A good package for a gift!

    Nice package for summer

    02/22/20 | Wilmington, DE
  9. Victoria C.
    Verified Buyer

    Too fragile

    The pour over system makes great tasting ice tea that deserves 5 stars, however the glass for both the pitchers is thin and fragile. I am very aware to avoid breaking it. If it was more solid it would be a 5 star product

    02/14/20 | BOCA RATON, FL
  10. Chris D.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea Forte is the best!

    I love making iced tea for my guests as it is something they have never seen before! The bonus is that the tea itself is so excellent

    02/14/20 | Cohoes, NY
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