white ambrosia

white tea
Rarest Pai Mu Tan white tea is a plucked in early spring from a special varietal tea bush called “chaicha”. Blended with fragrant Madagascar vanilla and the tropical tease of island coconut. Delicate, refreshing and divine.
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Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 2-4 minutes, 195°F

For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass.


white tea, coconut chips, safflower, flavoring

Caffeine Level

Low in Caffeine
Low in Caffeine
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White Ambrosia

I had a cup of White Ambrosia tea for the first time this morning and it was a wonderful surprise. The aroma was so soothing and the taste was the best tea I have ever had. I never drink coffee and only drink tea and this is truly, by far the best.

7/3/14  |  Sharon, Harwinton, CT


I am very new to drinking tea. I have always been a coffee drinker who uses a lot of cream and Splenda so you can imagine how big of a transition drinking tea with no additives has been! I've read a lot of research on the health benefits of green and white teas and am acquiring a strong taste for several cups of tea per day. That being said, this tea is so smooth and fragrant! I love it! It has all the flavor of some green teas here, but NO bitterness. Just smooth as silk. Very delicious.

7/14/13  |  Beverly, Tampa, FL

Mild, Fragrant Tea

This tea has a strong aroma, though it's very mild to the taste. The coconut flavor is predominant, with only the slightest hint of vanilla. I normally enjoy subtle teas, but this blend just feels like it's missing a little something.

1/24/13  |  Matt, Boulder, CO

Most heavenly tea!~

I received a sampler pack of teas in my PopSugar Must Have December Box and decided to try the White Ambrosia. I am normally not a tea drinker, BUT, this tea is amazing and I will definately be purchasing this in the near future!

12/14/12  |  Stacy, Friedensburg, PA

Truly the Choice of the Gods

Oh...this tea is aptly named! It is heavenly. Every sip is pure pleasure. When served cold with a hit of stevia...it tastes like cream soda in tea form. Absolutely wonderful! I recommend it to everyone!

6/7/12  |  Mary Morgan, Columbia, MO

Very refreshing!

I got this tea in the Sanctuary tin that I ordered and I loved it! Very refreshing and what a wonderful treat to not only the taste buds, but to the senses as well! The coconut scent made me feel like I was in a tropical paradise sitting by the ocean enjoying a soothing cup of tea! Very good!

2/17/12  |  Jennifer , Iowa City, IA

White Ambrosia Wonderful

I found this tea when I was out of town on business and fell in love with it. It is relaxing, delicious and since I started drinking it, I can't find anything that I like nearly as much. Try it! You will love it. Cindy

11/13/11  |  Cindy, Dacula, GA

My absolute favorite tea

I love white tea in general but this tea is the best way to start the morning that I know.

8/12/11  |  Catherine, New York, NY

My Favorite!

I LOVED this one! I purchased the Tea Forte box and out of all of them this is by far my favorite! It was a hit at my party too! everyone asked where they can get some!

7/17/11  |  Alexandra, Seattle, WA

I would recommend this one!

One of my top 2 favorite teas if you are looking for a new tea to try I would recommend this one!

6/14/11  |  Ashley, Chandler, AZ

I didn't know tea could taste like THIS!

I tried this tea at a Japanese bookstore in Manhattan. It is by far one of the most delicious, subtle, intricate teas I have ever tasted, and I WILL be purchasing some. Simply incredible.

8/10/10  |  Michael, Vestal, NY


I normally stick to traditional black teas, but was given this as a gift. I LOVED this tea - it's absolutely wonderful.

6/5/10  |  Bridget, Moraga, CA

"The aroma of this tea is intoxicating"

"The aroma of this tea is intoxicating, with heavy sweet vanilla tones and strong black tea. The flavor is even more delightful – again with very creamy vanilla notes derived from Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The vanilla is the most prominent flavor, however the Chinese black tea base is so strong that you can taste the black tea along with the vanilla cream. The coconut makes the tea smoother, and gives it a strong tropical note. A beautiful tea expression"

Read the full detailed review at: www.teareviewblog.com

9/30/09  |  Cindy, Webmaster Tea Forté, MA

This is an amazing tea!

As I am making my way through all of the Tea Forte' dessert teas, I am finding that each one is better than the next. I usually have to add honey or cream to my tea so that it doesn't either bore or overpower me depending on the variety. This tea has just the right amount of natural sweetness and such a wide array of aromas and flavors that adding something would somehow take away from the experience.

9/8/09  |  Kerry, Wyoming, PA

White Ambrosia Tropical white tea

I fell for this tea the moment I smelled the flavor! Then I tasted it and I know I want to have it again. It is wonderful and very soothing.

7/2/09  |  Maria, fairport, NY

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