tangerine rosemary tea

white tea
Smooth and sublime, this organic rare white tea is enlivened with crisp apples and the flavor of sun-sweet tangerines. An alluring addition of fragrant rosemary adds to this savory garden cup. Refreshing iced!
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tangerine rosemary tea loose tea pouch
tangerine rosemary tea loose tea pouch
20-25 servings
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tangerine rosemary tea garden harvest  white loose tea canister
tangerine rosemary tea garden harvest white loose tea canister
35-50 servings
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tangerine rosemary tea

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Caffeine Level

Moderate Caffeine
Moderate Caffeine


USDA Organic
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (6)   Write a review

Absolutely delicious

All year round this is an absolutely delicious tea. I adore it. I'm sad the site doesn't sell the pyramid diffusers, it makes me have to go to specialty stores in my area. But incredible!!!!

10/13/14  |  Kelly, Gibsonia, PA

Excellent flavor, odd color?

I just received a pouch of this in the mail and am drinking my first brewed cup. While the flavor is excellent, a light fruity taste with a strong rosemary aroma, I'm wondering about the color. It's an odd, grey-green, not the bright pink depicted above. I realize the color in teas can be off depending on how much of the individual ingredients are in each teaspoon, but this is such a strange, varying difference that I thought it worth mentioning. Perhaps the color will perk up on my second cup.

9/27/14  |  Gina, Valparaiso, IN

An interesting tea for a moody day

Tangerine? Rosemary? Paired? Somehow, it works. Save it for a moody day when you have time to savor its complexity.

4/8/13  |  ALANNA , Chicago, IL

Bold and Bright

The citrus scent and slight tang is nicely offset by the spice of rosemary. Very fragrant and invigorating without being too strong.

3/21/13  |  Elyse, Chicago, IL

Unique Blend

The tangerine, apples and rosemary combine for a sweet citrus tea with just a touch of spice. It's an unusual flavor mix, but I have to say that I found it quite pleasant.

3/8/13  |  Matt, Boulder, CO


This tea is very tasty! I bought it as part of the harvest sampler set, and I was able to brew three cups from one pouch. The flavor is full, yet delicate. I recommend!

2/9/13  |  Johanna, Rochester, NH

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