lavender citrus

white tea
Infuse the natural flavors of white tea and lavender into Spirited Tea™ Martinis, Cosmopolitans or your own creations.
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lavender citrus

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white tea, lavender petals, lemon balm, grapefruit juice, bergamot & violet petals

Caffeine Level

Low in Caffeine
Low in Caffeine
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Sensations Summer Drink

I've made all the recommended recipes, but my sister introduced me to one that she loved and I am hooked on this. Use lemonade or pink lemonade Crystal light added to citron that was w/the teabag. Lovely, refreshing, intoxicating and low calorie.

7/25/12  |  Julie, Cleveland, OH


I had my first Lavender Pear Martini @ the Ruby Tuesday's in Winchester, VA .. OMG I fell in love with it. Go there every time I'm in town. I love the texture of the pear nectar used .. not too pulpy, but I like the consistence as it isn't runny and sloshes out of the martini glasses so easily. The lavender citrus infusion makes this drink amazing. Fun to watch it change colors - deeper and deeper the longer it steeps. The taste is amazing - the blend couldn't be more perfect! I live in San Diego and the nearest Ruby Tuesday's is in Nevada/Arizona or Northern California .. sure hope they get one down here on sunny southern California!! LOVE THIS COCKTAIL!!

4/15/12  |  Katrin, Oceanside, CA

Love it! Buying for our Inn!

Tried the Lavender Pear Martini at Ruby Tuesday's on a business trip and loved it so much I asked the bartender for the recipe! I do NOT like sweet drinks, so the drier and more "herby" the better, and the tea bag is fun to steep in the drink, which gets better the longer it steeps! Want to buy these for our Inn (the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre) in West Virginia and get my chef husband to experiment with them!

1/21/12  |  elisse, Landgraff, WV


i loved this drink at ruby goin to ruby tuesdays but always land up having my frozen margarita..this drink is something else..i so absolutely loved it that i had to ask my waitress what it was.....lip smacking..

5/27/11  |  maalvika, philadelphia, PA

Lavender Pear sexy new drink!

The best cocktail I have ever had. I am a new HUGE Fan!

5/2/11  |  Faith, West Palm, FL


I loved the pear lavender martini @ Ruby Tuesday's. I had to find out how to order these for my next dinner party. It is the drink that keeps getting better the longer it sits!

3/26/11  |  s, indianapolis, IN

Visual appearance- Lavender Infused Pear Martini

Had this last night @ Ruby Tuesdays. The drink was slighty refreshing. The appeal was the tea bag itself, and the ever changing color of the drink each time it was steeped. Beautiful packaging! I have made the pear martini, and quite frankly, the pulp was a distraction. Adding the lavender citrus was a good idea. Although, the pulp problem remained, it ranked a 3- Rating due to the much needed addition of a Splenda packet. Because of the exquisite packaging, I will be purchasing this for the dramatic effect it will have on my guests. Naturally, this drink needs some tweeking to make it 5- Stars.

3/4/11  |  Ramona Sundae, Phila, PA


I had this last evening and thought it was so good. I had to find out where to get the "bags" and how to make it!

2/9/11  |  Jo Ann, Port Republic, MD

You need to love lavender

2oz skyy vodka, 2oz gingerale Dry Leaf Smell: lavender, citrus, chemical Steeped Tea Smell: lavender Flavor: vodka, gingerale, lavender Body: Medium Aftertaste: citrus Liquor: translucent pink I like it, I don't love it, but that may have to do with the vodka? You need to love lavender

10/28/10  |  Nicole, Philadelphia, PA

Taste Great!

Great flavors that last a long time

5/15/09  |  Bree, Bedford, MA

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