White Tea

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The least processed and rarest of all teas, white tea has the highest concentrations of polyphenols and is the most challenging to produce and procure. Once a year, in early spring when the buds and leaves are still closed and covered by fine silvery-white downy hairs, the leaves are delicately hand-plucked. They then undergo a meticulously monitored drying process where the tea is withered. Tea Forté works directly with these artisan- farmers who tender the delicate process to assure that the white tea that we offer yields an exquisitely subtle tea-drinking experience.

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Ginger Pear Iced Tea
Pai Mu Tan white tea with sweet pear and ginger.
Lychee Coconut
Tropical notes of sweet lychee and fresh cut coconut.
Peach Rhubarb Preserve
White tea with rhubarb and the sweet taste of peaches.
Tangerine Rosemary Tea
A fruit garden cup of rare white tea and fragrant rosemary.
Tupelo Honey Fig
A summer medley of sweet figs and the taste of honey.
Vanilla Pear Tea
Vanilla orchid infused with the taste of fresh baked pear.
White Ambrosia
White tea with sweet notes of vanilla and island coconut.
White Darjeeling Tea
A delicate taste and exquisite fragrance.
White Ginger Pear
Pai MuTan white tea with sweet pear and the zing of ginger.
White Cinnamon Sage
White tea with the zing of cinnamon and a wisp of sage.
Wild Apple Ginger Tea
White tea with spicy ginger and the sweet taste of apple.

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