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It is easy to stick with the tried and true when selecting the best tea, but sometimes it’s fun to give something new a try. Tea Forté’s Customer Favorites list is a great place to start. For an everyday black tea, English Breakfast is the height of popularity and Tea Forté’s version is an award winner at the North American Tea Championship. For those who prefer flavored tea, Black Currant, Earl Grey and Sweet Orange Spice have many fans. Looking for a dessert tea? The decadent Hazelnut Truffle satisfies the craving without the extra calories of sweets. Green and white tea lovers may find new favorites with the Cherry Marzipan (which was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine), the beautifully scented Jasmine Green Tea or the perennially popular White Ginger Pear Tea (another North American Tea Champion). Sometimes tea drinkers are looking for a warmth and flavor that will satisfy, without the caffeine. Tea Forté offers many excellent herbal options such as White Chai, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron and Blueberry Merlot, named the Best Herbal Tea in North America.