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Winter Spice
Winter Spice

Winter Spice Collection

A collection of festive teas
Our elegant deep red ribbon box will put you in the spirit for both holiday giving and entertaining during the winter months. Contains 20 of our signature silken pyramid infusers (four each) of our most popular blends: Sweet Orange Spice, Hazelnut Truffle, Harvest Apple Spice, Winter Chai and Sweet Ginger Plum.
Included tea types: Herbal Tea, Black Tea
Included teas and descriptions below
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Pyramid Grande Party Packs
winter spice pyramid grande party packs
48 pyramid infusers with Eight Pyramid Grandes (containing six silken infusers) two pyramid infusers each of: Harvest Apple Spice, Hazelnut Truffle, Sweet Ginger Plum.
$63.60   sale: $38.00
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Pyramid Grande Teas
winter spice pyramid grande teas
6 pyramid infusers with two pyramid infusers each of : Harvest Apple Spice, Hazelnut Truffle, Sweet Ginger Plum.
$7.95   sale: $4.00
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teas in this collection:
Harvest Apple Spice
Harvest Apple Spice { Herbal Tea }
Enjoy a trip through the orchard with the luscious taste of apples brightened with notes of berries, cinnamon and clove for a sweet and savory brew.
Hazelnut Truffle
Hazelnut Truffle { Black Tea }
Finest Ceylon tea leaves with the taste of rich dark chocolate enrobed with hints of hazelnut deliver a euphoric, confectionary cup. This enticing blend elevates a cup of tea into the realm of dessert.
Sweet Ginger Plum
Sweet Ginger Plum { Herbal Tea }
A delicious botanical blend of tangy hibiscus with the deep resonance of sweet plum, cranberry and fig, accented with the tingle of cinnamon and warmth of ginger tea.
Sweet Orange Spice Tea
Sweet Orange Spice Tea { Black Tea }
An enticing black tea with the sweet, exotic taste of mandarin oranges and strong notes of cinnamon. A richly aromatic cup.
Winter Chai Tea
Winter Chai Tea { Herbal Tea }
Naturally caffeine-free South African rooibos with rich savory spice notes of cardamom and zesty ginger, complemented by sweet cinnamon. Brews a fragrant, contemplative cup. Delicious blended with milk.

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