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Tea Chest VST

Tea Chest VST Collection

Single Steeps® Reserve

Seven varietal special teas represent the best of small parcel gardens, produced in limited quantity.

Experience Varietal Special Teas, a curated collection of unique and exquisite unblended leaves cultivated by artisan master makers. Tea Forté takes pride in offering the VST Reserve Collection, comprised of small-batched and difficult to source, wild-picked teas, prized for pure taste and character of the terroir. Sip and savor these select varietals like the finest, most interesting wines.

Included tea types: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea
Included teas and descriptions below

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Single Steeps® Tea Chest

Tea Chest VST Single Steeps® Tea Chest

28 pre-portioned pouches, four of each varietal: Shangri-La Gold, Darjeeling Happy Valley, Honey Orchid, Fleur D'Orient, Palace Needle, Jasmine Dragon Pearl, White Downy.

teas in this collection
Darjeeling Happy Valley Darjeeling Happy Valley { Black Tea }
From the oldest and most renowned tea garden in the foothills of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 6800 feet. The coveted organic tea yields Muscatel sweetness and floral undertones.
Fleur D'Orient Fleur D'Orient { Oolong Tea }
This exquisite Top Fancy Chinese organic Oolong releases a natural and subtle scent of flowers and fruit with a pleasing amaranth floral finish. These leaves can be awakened many times for multiple infusions.
Honey Orchid Honey Orchid { Oolong Tea }
A connoisseur's cup of Oolong tea with persistent notes of honey and the lingering depth of fruity baked apricot and peach. These leaves can be awakened many times for multiple infusions.
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Jasmine Dragon Pearl { Green Tea }
Hand-rolled organic green leaves shaped like pearls married with the heady fragrance of Jasmine flowers. When steeped, the pearls become poetic, unfurling luxuriantly, imparting a cup redolent with Jasmine.
Palace Needle Palace Needle { Green Tea }
Special organic cultivar grown to form "needle profile" leaves by experienced tea artisans who have mastered the firing and shaping of leaves. For a euphoric, fragrant, and sweet cup.
Shangri-La Gold Shangri-La Gold { Black Tea }
From the mist-shrouded hills of the Himalaya. This organic plucking of the uppermost golden tips is revered for subtle notes of chocolate and hints of apricot and honey.
White Downy White Downy { Green Tea }
This most delicate organic green tea is made with silvery, downy leaves plucked in the early spring. An ethereal steep, deceptively complex with clean, subtle notes of chestnut, honeysuckle and melon.