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about rare tea

Tea Forté Rare Teas are special edition, handcrafted teas that we are able to acquire only in limited quantities. Our small batch Rare Tea line affords us an opportunity to extend your tea journey. These teas showcase the delicate and subtle overtones that make fine tea as complex as fine wine. Unlike common teas that are grown on industrial plantations that mechanically harvest and process the tea, our rare teas are grown on small family farms. Each leaf and bud is hand-plucked, dried and fired by skilled artisans.

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Golden Monkey Tea
Famously comprised of one leaf and one bud.
Slight and sweet with a balanced, delicate finish.
Keemun Tea
Toasty flavor and smoky, intense aroma.
Long Jing
Soft, floral fragrance suggesting freshly cut grass.
Tie Guan Yin
Buttery notes of nectar with sweet orchid flower accents.
White Darjeeling Tea
A delicate taste and exquisite fragrance.

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