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    ribbon box collections
    five pyramid infusers each: Black Currant, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling
    seven pyramid infusers each: Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Chai Latte, six pyramid infusers Coconut Mango Colada
    dolce vita
    four pyramid infusers each: Belgian Mint, Coco Truffle, Orchid Vanilla, Raspberry Nectar & Vienna Cinnamon
    essential greens
    four pyramid infusers each: Lemon Sorbetti, Sencha, Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green, Green Mango Peach
    garden harvest white tea
    four pyramid infusers each: Peach Rhubarb Preserve, Tangerine Rosemary, Tupelo Honey Fig, White Cinnamon Sage, Wild Apple Ginger
    herbal retreat
    four pyramid infusers each: Apricot Amaretto, Blueberry Merlot, Cherry Cosmo, Mojito Marmalade, Kiwi Lime Ginger
    five pyramid infusers each: African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Citrus Mint, and Ginger Lemongrass
    four pyramid infusers each: Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose, Caramel Nougat, Black Cherry and Peach Brulee
    two pyramid infusers each: Earl Grey, Black Currant, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Raspberry Nectar, Ginger Lemongrass.
    four pyramid infusers each: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple

    ribbon box


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    The most popular way to buy Tea Forté, the Ribbon Box is the perfect amount of tea to be a great value for entertaining and for personal enjoyment. Wrapped in an elegant box with a satin ribbon. Available in a variety of tea assortments or in a single flavor boxes of a favorite blend. Contains 20 silken pyramid infusers.
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    Outstanding tea

    I don't normally write product reviews, but I could not keep quiet on this one. I received this tea as a gift at Christmas. The packaging was out of the ordinary and very well done. I knew just by looking at the care in the packaging, that the tea would be special too. I was right. Every night I look forward to a cup of tea, and each night I am surprised by a new flavor. I highly recommend this tea. It is the best I have ever had and I will be purchasing more in the future. I know it sounds odd to be so excited about tea, but this tea is exceptional.

    1/23/12  |  Carole, Luling, TX

    Earl Grey

    I had the most exciting pleasure when i first encountered Tea Forte, At first I was impressed with the packaging, oh how cute! then i had The, experience with the taste and i was blown away. So surprise that something so small, pack just a big taste. This will be my tea of choice forever. Judith a Lee I was at the spa Chateau Elan In Braselton, Georgia in which that is their tea of choice. The Tea Fort'e was available for purchase in their Spa Gift shop.

    11/29/10  |  judith, Macon, GA

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