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    Introducing a revolutionary way to infuse your spirits. Exotic blends of fresh teas, herbs and spices naturally infuse exotic cocktails. With Cocktail Infusions and our simple recipes you become a master mixologist.
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    I was skeptical about the lavender citrus, which turned out to be delicious...especially when mixed with pear nectar. The lemongrass mint was very refreshing...great in a mojito. The chai is awesome...blended with peach makes for a very tasty fall cocktail. It's a great alternative to flavored vodkas and rums. I am ordering a bunch for the upcoming holiday parties!

    11/29/13  |  Kristie, Chicago, IL

    An Experience

    I have enjoyed the lavender pear martinis at Ruby Tuesday on so many occasions. I was so lucky to be able to track down this website so I can make my own at home.

    5/24/13  |  Marie, Ocean City, NJ

    fabulous drinkability

    I had this little pyramid shaped tea bag in a drink at Ruby Tuesdays last night. The pear lavender martini was outstanding and this tea bag made it all the more enticing . it has such a flavor and aroma that I honestly could not help myself when I took it home and used it in a cup of decaf tea. it made the drink and also made my tea. I can't wait to get my order of this little unique tea bag. I found a new favorite drink!!!!!

    10/14/12  |  Claudia, Landenberg, PA

    More than just a cocktail, it was an experience!

    Last night I enjoyed my first infused cocktail with Tea forte Lavender Citrus tea in a pear martini at Ruby Tuesdays. The taste was incredibly appealing and swirling the fancy cone shaped teabag to release more flavor and color was seriously fun! I loved the little tea bag so much that I brought it home and woke to the scent of lavender in my kitchen this morning. I plan to use to beautiful deep purple tea to dye a few sheets of artisan paper. As a bonus, I plan to collect the beautiful little leafs that are attached to the teabags. I am hooked and will never settle for an ordinary cocktail again. I can't wait to purchase my own box of Tea forte!

    7/4/12  |  Deb, Phillipsburg, NJ

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