wild apple ginger tea

white tea
This beautiful marriage of garden and cup begins with the delicate flavor of organic rare white tea. The tingle of spicy ginger complements the sweet taste of a crisp apple for a deliciously delightful cup.
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wild apple ginger tea garden harvest  white loose tea canister
wild apple ginger tea garden harvest white loose tea canister
35-50 servings
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wild apple ginger tea

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 2-4 minutes, 195°F

For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass.


organic apple pieces, organic white tea, organic ginger, organic sweet blackberry leaves, organic raspberries, natural flavors

Caffeine Level

Moderate Caffeine
Moderate Caffeine


USDA Organic
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (4)   Write a review

Yummy and subtle

This tea is mild and delish! Flavors do not overpower the smooth white tea. Very nice! Will be a staple in this house from now on. We love it!

4/8/14  |  august, St. Petersburg, FL

Love this tea!

I am usually just a black tea drinker but once I tried the Wild Apple Ginger I was a convert. This tea is perfect when you are looking for an alternative to black tea. The ginger flavor is comforting and soothing. The combination of flavors is perfect for day or night. Sometimes I add a bit of the Tupelo honey or any honey. I think the flavors are wonderful and it is now my favorite tea from Tea Forte!

11/21/13  |  Valerie, Islip, NY

Somewhere in the middle

If the entire Tea Forte collection were graded on a bell curve, Wild Apple Ginger would rate a respectable C. Not bad, definitely drinkable, but If I'm going to have apple tea, I prefer Harvest Apple Spice, and if I'm going to have ginger, I want Tea Forte's original Ginger tea, which I think is not offered any more. These are the five-star teas my palate craves. BTW, the most delicious tea in the white tea collection is Tupelo Honey Fig. I wrote a stellar review about it, but for some reason it was never posted by the webmaster. Tea Forte folks, how about pulling that one out of the collection and selling it in larger, pyramid-packaged quantities?

7/23/13  |  ALANNA , Chicago, IL

Sweet, Slightly Spicy Tea

This blend is very mild for a ginger tea. The apples provide a moderately sweet base, and the blackberry leaves add a little tartness. The ginger puts a very light note of spice in the aftertaste.

3/10/13  |  Matt, Boulder, CO

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