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Our peach tea is made from superior green tea leaves blended with cooling peppermint leaves, the heady nectar of mangos and the lush, succulent sweet taste of peach for a sunny indulgent cup.
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Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 2-4 minutes, 175°F

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


organic green tea, organic mango cubes, organic peppermint leaves, organic ginger root, organic green honeybush, natural peach flavor

Caffeine Level

Moderate Caffeine
Moderate Caffeine


USDA Organic
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (16)   Write a review


I was so sad when I opened up my canister and realized I had used all of this tea. It is simply wonderful and has a well balanced flavor. I am definitely not a huge mango fan, but the flavor is subtle and adds just the right amount of sweetness.

4/6/15  |  Amanda, Austin, TX

Watch Out for GINGER

Totally surprised and disappointed by this tea. It was all ginger flavor! Nothing in the product description or the reviews mentioned the pungent ginger which was overwhelming. Makes me wonder who is doing the tasting checks on the product. This was a total miss for me.

12/21/14  |  Jane, Portland, OR

Where's the peach?

If the only reason you're buying this tea because you really love peach, then this isn't the tea for you. I honestly can't even taste it. It is still very good though. The peppermint is very apparent and masks the other flavors.

2/5/14  |  Cecily, Camillus, NY

Subtle Fruitiness

Not my favorite flavor, but still pretty yummy! The mango flavor was more subtle than I thought it would be, but I don't mind at all because the slight sweetness makes the green tea so tasty! Unlike some of the other reviews, I didn't notice any mint flavor.

11/1/13  |  Taryn, Minneapolis, MN

This is my all time favorite tea

It's a great hot tea and also a great cold tea!!! I can drink it all day long.

2/9/13  |  Sharon, New York, NY

Blends better with the African Solstice Rooibos

This tea should be called Peppermint Mango Peach Green Tea. The peppermint is a little overpowering. Because the peppermint is a little overpowering, you cannot really taste the mango or the peach. You can get just a hint of green tea at the last sip. Because I was not a huge fan of this tea by itself, I decided to blend/mix it with the African Solstice Rooibos Tea. I use a heaping teaspoon of each tea, add 175degree water ans steep it for 4 minutes. Once I combined the African Solstice with the Peach Mango I LOVE it! African Solstice and Peach Mango are a GREAT blend! I HIGHLY recomend it! African Solstice Rooibos Ingredients: Rooibos, elderberries, rosehips, blueberries, mallow flowers, rose petals, vanilla, and natural flavoring

1/26/13  |  Mike , Brookfield, WI

Light, Minty Morning Tea

This tea's name is slightly misleading (although the description makes the flavor composition clearer). I would describe the primary flavors as peppermint and mango, with only a light hint of peach in the background. That said, it's a very nice blend of flavors; I especially enjoy a cup of this with light breakfasts.

1/23/13  |  Matt, Boulder, CO

Curious Distinction

In the individual packets this is my all-time favorite tea-- rich with mango and peach. Luscious. When I ordered the loose tea it was nothing like the individual steeps. It tastes like mint tea. (My first order I sent back, thinking I received the wrong tea.) I hate to have to deal with all the packaging and despite being a loose leaf tea aficionado, I splurge and order this in the box of single packets.

10/12/12  |  Wendy, Hilmar, CA

My favorite Tea Forte tea!

A nice, lightly fruity green tea. I hardly notice the mint at all, and definitely not the cleaning product smell noted previously. This is one of my favorites, I drink about 3-4 cups a day!

10/2/12  |  Rikki, Brighton, MA

Delicious peach with just a little bit of mint.

I only ordered one(1) box. I love it so much, I will be ordering more than one (1) box coming up. And to's ORGANIC!

4/21/12  |  Sue, Tempe, AZ

Excellent taste

This is a very smooth tea, great flavor. I didn't taste the mint like other reviewers did. This is a great tea

1/3/12  |  Leann, Port huron, MI

Smells like cleaning product

When I opened my container, the first whiff made me think of cleaning product. I was hoping the taste wouldn't be anything like the smell, but sadly, this combo was not appealing as a tea either. I suspect its the bitter green with tingle of mint and peach flavoring that is hitting all wrong.

12/21/11  |  lenore, Minneapolis, MN

I am not a huge mint fan

The name of this tea should be MINT green. I am not a huge mint fan and the mint totally overpowers all the other flavors. I am very disappointed because I was interested in the mango and peach flavors for which the tea is named.

7/31/11  |  Kathleen, Pennington, NJ

Quite delicious

I did enjoy this cup of tea very much. the smell was wonderful i wanted to brew it all day just so i could keep the warm fruity smell around!

7/17/11  |  Alexandra, Seattle, WA


I ordered this tea because I wanted a mango/peach tea. Sadly, the peppermint leaves overpower the tea and you are left with peppermint and ginger flavors. I couldn't taste the mango or peach in it. It still tastes good, but not what I wanted.

7/14/11  |  Laurin, Laguna Hills, CA

Exotic, Refreshing, and Delicious!

It only took one cup of Green Mango Peach tea for it to become one of my favorites. The blend of peach and mango flavor reminds me of the first bite of fresh, juicy summer fruit. Peppermint leaves add a delicious and refreshing note. Green Mango Peach has a unique and truly fabulous flavor profile. I could drink it every single day for the rest of my life and I know with 100% certainty that I would never get bored with it. It’s superb!

1/21/11  |  Elise, Vancouver, Canada

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