cherry marzipan

Special reserve green tea with the tart-sweet lushness of acerola cherries and the depth of nutty toasted almond.
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Cherry Marzipan

Customer Reviews

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser |4 of 5 stars

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 2-4 minutes, 175°F

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


Fair Trade Certified™ organic green tea, natural cherry flavor, organic raspberries, natural almond flavor, other natural flavoring (superfruit berry)

Caffeine Level

Moderate Caffeine
Moderate Caffeine


Fair Trade Certified, Kosher Certified, ORAC, USDA Organic

Fair Trade Certified Kosher Certified ORAC USDA Organic
Cherry Marzipan
Raspberry leaves from Albania, green tea fannings from India

Did You Know?

The fruit of the raspberry bush is not the only useful part of the plant. Raspberry leaf tea is a time-honored "women's tonic," that is traditionally used to support women's reproductive health.

More Info

Tea Type:  Green tea

Special reserve green tea with the tart-sweet lushness of acerola cherries and the depth of nutty toasted almond.

Corrective Repair:  Cultivated in the tropics, acerola cherry is rich in minerals and unique compounds known to help combat ageing cellular damage. Packed with powerful antioxidants, cherries have among the highest levels of antioxidants and are the planet’s richest source of natural Vitamin C, vital to the production of collagen for healthier, younger-looking skin.

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Skin-Smart Loose Tea Canister

cherry marzipan skin-smart loose tea canister

50 servings

Skin-Smart® Event Box

cherry marzipan skin-smart® event box

48 pyramid infusers

single steeps® tea chest single steeps tea chest

single steeps tea chest single steeps® tea chest

28 pre-portioned pouches, one of each blend: African Solstice, Apricot Ameretto, Blood Orange, Bluberry Merlot, Bombay Chai, Caramel Nougat, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Marzipan, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Mango Colada, Cucumber Mint, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger Lemongrass, Green Mango Peach, Honey Yuzu, Jasmine Green, Lychee Coconut, Mojito Marmalde, Peach Brûlée, Peach Rhubard Preserve, Sencha, Swiss Apple, Tangerine Rosemary, Tupelo Honey Fig, White Ginger Pear, White Cinnamon Sage, Wild Apple Ginger


petite presentation box skin-smart®

skin-smart® petite presentation box

two pyramid infusers each: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple


presentation box skin-smart®

skin-smart® presentation box

four pyramid infusers each: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple


skin-smart® single steeps® sampler skin-smart®

skin-smart® single steeps® sampler

three each of the following blends: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple


tea chest skin-smart®

skin-smart® tea chest

40 pyramid infusers, eight infusers of each: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple.


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Customer Reviews (27) Write a review

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Best Tea On Earth

I've been drinking this tea for over 2 years. I have a cup every single morning! Such a wonderful company.

06/27/16 | Yokoo, Atlanta, GA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser

Love this tea!

06/09/16 | Susan, Oceanside, NY

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Best stuff on earth!

I drink this tea religiously every day. I can't start my mornings without it. And I'm going on my 3rd year!

06/08/16 | Yokoo, Atlanta, GA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser

Can't find another flavor I like better except for Coconut Mango Colada!

06/02/16 | Linda, Avondale, PA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Perfect smooth blend

This tea is a great blend of cherry and green tea flavors. The cherry flavor is not too overpowering, which I love. Now I would not recommend this tea as a dessert replacement, but it offers a crisp and delicious treat in the afternoon. I like to enjoy it right after lunch to have just a bit of sweetness.

01/30/16 | Heather, Newburgh, IN

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser This scintillating tea wins over 650+ calories any day! Make that EVERY day!!!

Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate is my favorite ice cream flavor (at least 650 calories) -- tastes like really good chocolate dipped cherries -- and, so does this fabulous Tea Forte Cherry Marzipan green tea -- and it's GOOD FOR ME!!! I can pass on the ice cream and feel spoiled. I've died and gone to Heaven!!!

11/25/15 | DIANNE E, The NEW Detroit, MI

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Cherry Marzipan is wonderful!

Omgoodness, the Cherry Marzipan Green Tea is delicious! Sometimes fruity green teas can be overpowered by the fruit flavor, but this is a perfect blend! The bit of nutty toasted almond puts this tea over the edge...YUM!! I am so excited to try the rest of my Skin-Smart tea flavors :) !

06/16/15 | Jennifer, Ballwin, MO

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Surprisingly Sweet

This blend of tea is wonderful if you need something with a slight fruity flavor. I was so surprised when I first tasted this because I am not a fan of most cherry infused teas. I have slowly begun to reach for this tea more often as a way to fight my sugar cravings. If you love the flavor or cherries, green tea, and almonds this is a good one to try.

04/06/15 | Amanda, Austin, TX

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser My Favorite tea!!

I was introduced to this tea at the spa where I work. I now buy it in bulk and have a cup every morning. I prefer it without any sweetener, it's delicious!

01/24/15 | Pamela, Aspen, CO

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Very tasty!!!

I was hesitant to purchase this one, but I'm so glad I gave it a try. It's super delicious iced!!! Will be in my flavor rotation for a very long time.

01/06/15 | Noelle, Fulton, MO

infuser infuser infuser infuser Delicate Dessert

Lots of maraschino cherry on the front end with a sweet, earthy green tea finish. Smells like a burst of maraschino cherries. Very delicate and light overall, but the cherry and marzipan give it almost a cloyingly sweet flavor. If you enjoy the taste of green tea, this can definitely be a dessert tea for when you're craving something sugary.

12/29/14 | Stephanie, Tempe, AZ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser My Wife Loves This Tea

My wife loves this tea. Be very careful about time and temperature. I use a digital thermometer and set it 10 degrees above the recommended temperature. When I pour the water in the brewing cup, because the cup is cold, if you pour water at 175 it will drop 10 degrees in a matter of seconds, so make the water 10 degrees hotter and then it will brew at the correct temperature. I only brew for 3 minutes.

05/08/14 | Mike, San Rafael, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Fabulous!

I can't even begin to say how much I love this tea! The smell sucks you in; the taste gets you to stay! I will never be without this one as long as I live!

01/21/14 | Amy, Minneapolis, MN

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser love at first sip

This tea is just so satisfying. I'm sipping a cup as I type. I made another 'friend for life' :)

10/25/13 | ann, Athol, MA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser More isn't necessarily better!

Take it from someone who learned the hard way: more isn't better with this tea. Follow the directions! I was so excited to receive this tea a few weeks ago. Then I tried it. Whoa! I didn't like it at all. However, I learned today that it was my own fault I didn't like it. I usually drink black tea, the blacker the better. So I'm used to using extra tea and steeping it long. The first pot of Cherry Marzipan I made, I heaped 4 teaspoons into the infuser and I let it steep for quite a while. It was bitter! I couldn't taste cherry or marzipan at all. I was ready to chuck it. This morning, I thought I'd follow the directions. I put 4 scant to level teaspoons in the infuser and steeped it for about 3 minutes. What a difference! It is delicious and fragrant. The bitterness is dialed *way* back. The cherry and marzipan shine through the green tea flavor. Some times, it is much smarter to follow the directions than to do what you "always" do!

10/08/13 | Christine, Kenosha, WI

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser one of my favorite teas

This has become one of my favorite teas. I work overseas, but was back home in California over the holidays where I was able to purchase it online. I could drink this all day. It's a nice light refreshing tea. I brought this tea back to Asia with me, but alas I have finished my supply.

04/14/13 | Sydney, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

infuser infuser infuser Eh

This tea smells amazing, but it has a bitter taste. I added honey and it didn't get rid of it. It wasn't horrible, but (to me) it certainly wasn't the best. I probably won't order this one again.

02/27/13 | Taryn, Minneapolis, MN

infuser infuser infuser Ok but not amazing

"Dessert in a cup" was what made me want to buy this tea. I do not agree with that statement. The tea is okay, but I have had much better. The flavors are weak, and there is definitely an after taste that I can see some people not liking. This is not a tea that I will buy again, but I will drink what I already have at home.

02/09/13 | Johanna, Rochester, NH

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Marzipan without the sugar!

I received this tea for Christmas and as soon as I took a sip, I knew it was my new favorite. This tea seems to have mixed reviews on its flavor. Maybe marzipan is polarizing and you either love it or you hate it; I happen to love it. This tea smells just like marzipan and has a lovely, subtle almond flavor with hints of cherry. Absolutely delicious. I've just ordered more.

12/26/12 | Sarah, Issaquah, WA

infuser Disappointed

I was looking forward to my first flavored teas an absolutely hated this one. It has a weird bitter after-taste. I wish I could get my money back.

11/20/12 | Monika, Dallas, TX

infuser infuser infuser infuser Makes a Great Iced-Tea

Hot this tea is very good. Iced this tea knocks it out of the park! I can't keep enough on hand for my family. The Cherry Marzipan can be a bit strong for me. I added a bit of the Sencha and Cherry Marzipan and created an iced-tea that is wonderful and refreshing. Love it! A new staple at my home!

08/16/12 | Shawn, McSherrystown, PA

infuser Horrible

I was really looking forward to this tea after reading the reviews. The smell is absolutely wonderful but the taste was horrible. I know green tea leaves are more sensitive to burning so I made sure the hot water was not boiling before steeping. Somewhere I read it tasted like dessert in a cup and this was more like dirt in a cup!

05/02/12 | Allyson, Northern NJ, NJ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Sublime

I first tried Honey Yuzu, then Lychee Coconut and, most recently, Cherry Marzipan. All are wonderfully flavored teas - light, delicately but distinctively flavored. I wouldn't even try to pick a favorite, all three are heavenly...

02/06/12 | Patricia, San Rafael, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser i love this one

i love this one, too

01/29/12 | judith, millville, MA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Yummy!

Flavored teas are always so hit or miss. I buy them on a whim, and I usually end up hating them. This one, however, is wonderful. The flavors are delicate, and I'd say it's even drinkable without sugar, but I really like it with about a teaspoon of rock sugar in a cup. I taste the cherry on the front end, then the almonds on the back end. My new favorite dessert tea.

12/19/11 | Verena, Chicago, IL

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Absolutely Delicious!

I was not sure of this blend with green tea but it is light and delicate. I will definitely get it again.

11/03/11 | Karen, Reseda, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Original and delicious

The name threw me off as I don't really like marzipan, but the tea is a real winner, went right to the top of my list. Great flavor, nice and light tasting - thank you!

09/14/11 | Julie, Somervile, MA