blueberry merlot tea

herbal tea
Deep taste of succulent summer-sweet blueberries with a wisp of sage to heighten an excellent cup of blueberry tea. Corkscrew not required.
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blueberry merlot tea

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


organic rosehips, organic hibiscus, organic blueberries, organic sage, natural blueberry flavor, organic cornflower blossoms

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic
Fair Trade Certified
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (15)   Write a review

Great surprising flavors

I had the blueberry on a trip to Florida and that got me to the Tea Forte site. Since then I have fallen in love with the Mojito Marmalade and really like several others. My daughter is now buying it also.

6/24/15  |  Carole, McHenry, IL

Would prefer more blueberry flavor

Tried it iced and I agree with a previous reviewer that the blueberries are a little overpowered by the sage. I will try it with honey on my next attempt as another reviewer suggested.

1/4/15  |  Noelle, Fulton, MO

Great with honey!

I was not a fan of this tea until I added honey. It makes a huge difference! Try it! Delicious!

11/19/14  |  Shauna, Fremont, CA

Awesome Iced!

This reminds me of a tart blueberry lemonade when iced! Love the addition of sage! Honestly, this tea was subtle and wonderful! One of my favorites!

7/21/14  |  Eliza, Colorado Springs, CO

Too much sage, not enough blueberry.

I was very disappointed with the flavor of this tea. I love blueberries, and this tastes nothing like them. If the flavor profile could be changed I would try this one again.

5/14/14  |  Bethany, Madison, WI

One of my Favorites!

I first tasted this in the single steep sampler pack and couldn't keep it to myself! I had to give one to my mom and my tea enthusiest friend! We all love this tea. We add 4 drops of liquid stevia to balance the tartness of the blueberries! Perfect balance of sweetness and tart, an excellent cup of tea!

12/17/13  |  Lynn, Upstate, NY

A little odd for me.

This tea would probably be more palatable to me if not for the overpowering flavour of the sage. It doesn't taste like blueberries in my opinion, but it's still drinkable--but definitely not a first choice for me. I personally don't understand how it won an award.

10/19/13  |  Tonya, Williamston, SC

smells like a blueberry pie, tastes gross

Please to do not waste your money! I saw the award it received and decided to take a chance, and i lost. At first it smell delicious, and i thought, "ooh this will be good!" It literally tasted like sour hot wine... minus the alcohol, which i would need to drink a cup of this! Its just not good, plain and simple.

9/10/13  |  theresa , jacksonville, FL

Another fantastic tea!

This is such a warm and calming tea. I drink it in the evening when I'm winding down.

2/9/13  |  Sharon, New York, NY

Delicious but not for everyone

I found this tea to be wonderful, but my boyfriend just thought it was okay. The tea is on the more tart side, as opposed to many blueberry drinks that are made to be too sweet. The berry flavor is very bold. I definitely think the merlot aspect adds to the tartness and boldness of the tea. If you like a strong tea, then this is for you!

2/9/13  |  Johanna, Rochester, NH


I've enjoyed this tea long before the judges handed over their award and it comes as no surprise. Loads of blueberry flavor, including a complex tartness that is rounded in a lovely way by the sage. Perfect.

1/5/13  |  Cynthia , Cambridge, MA

smell bad, taste bad

I have always been a big fan of Tea Forte and I especially love the herbal tea of Tea Forte. A very positive experience so far until we tried this award-winning tea. The hibiscus smell is way too sharp. A Disappointment to us.

10/24/12  |  Tina, Austin, TX

Sounds good, tastes bad

This is the third tea I've tried from the Herbal Retreat box. The first two -- apricot amaretto and mojito marmalade-- were beyond delicious so I could not wait to try this one. Unfortunately, it tastes nothing like blueberries. It tastes bad. I've tried using sweetener, and not using sweetener. I'm very surprised this tea won some kind of award. My request to Tea Forte: Develop a blueberry tea that really tastes like blueberries and that can be enjoyed as much as the other teas in the box.

9/10/12  |  ALANNA , Chicago, IL

At the top of my list

I love this tea and just to think. . . . it's ORGANIC!

4/21/12  |  Sue, Tempe, AZ


I like this tea because it does remind me of a merlot. And since I can't drink because I just had a little one, this is so very satisfying! It's sweet just enough, and I had three cups of it in one day! It's one of my new faves! Only thing is it is a little light to me. I like my tea stronger. But no worries, I just added more than the recommended amount! Yummy!!!

8/30/11  |  Amber, Portland, OR

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