wild berry hibiscus

Tart-sweet juicy berries,punctuated with aromatic hibiscus flowers and rose hips, finished with notes of sun ripened citrus.
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Wild Berry Hibiscus

Customer Reviews

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser |4 of 5 stars

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.


organic hibiscus, organic apple pieces, organic licorice root, organic blackberry leaves, natural berry flavor, organic orange peel, organic rosehips, organic raspberries

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


USDA Organic

USDA Organic
Wild Berry Hibiscus
Organic Hibiscus from Bukina Faso, Organic Rosehip peels from South Africa

Did You Know?

Hibiscus tea has long been known to act as a natural body refrigerant in North Africa.

More Info

Herbal teas, technically speaking, are not true teas as they are not a product of the Camellia sinensis plant. They are properly referred to as "tisanes" or infusions, crafted from dried herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and fruit. Like tea, herbal infusions have been consumed for centuries as healing tonics to lift the spirit and enhance well-being. Our Herbal blends are hand crafted with artisan care and a vast knowledge of how theantioxidant properties and therapeutic applications ofpure, fresh herbs, flowers, and botanicals, deliver delicious healthful infusions that can delight both mind and body.

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infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Great taste and very addicting

Tried this tea well over a year ago when my wife saw Hibiscus tea on a dr. Oz show as an aid to high blood pressure. I was surprised at how well the tea tasted with no sweetener or anything and now we have some almost every day. As for reducing BP, it seems to work for this also. For me, after a week's use, top number dropped 15 to 20 points. Our local store says the no longer will carry this flavor, so I will order direct.

12/02/13 | Charles, HENDERSONVILLE, NC

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Wild Berry Hibiscus

My cousin, Justine, introduced me to this tea. It is the best caffeine-free tea that I have ever tried. I came to the web site to "stock up" on the tea. It is absolutely delicious!

04/18/13 | Phyllis, Springfield, OH

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Great Tea!!

THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE TEA, and it is also great iced!! Not sure if the tea had something to do with it, but my blood work came back better then ever, the only thing different was drinking this tea!!

04/21/12 | colette , New Milford, NJ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Nice soothing taste sweetened just a bit

I really enjoy this tea hot and with the summer here in Arizona, I would love to try it iced. Really can taste the berry!

04/21/12 | Sue, Tempe, AZ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Great tea

This is one of my favorite fruit teas, fresh slightly sweet. I would think it would be good as ice tea

02/20/12 | Judith, Chicago, IL

infuser The worst !

I tried this tea thinking it would be my new favorite but it tasted terrible ! It tasted like a mix of bitter fruit punch, herbs and a powdery taste ! YUCK !

02/20/12 | Kehaulani , Lihue, HI