Green Tea

A defense-strengthening blend featuring echinacea, ginger and elderberry.

Kosher Certified | USDA Organic

Tasting Notes

Flavor: Sweet rose with underlying notes of warming spice. Spicy-ginger at the finish with berry undertones.
Aroma: Sweet, fruity rose with notes of ginger
Color: Reddish
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Tea Type : Green Tea

Few things are as important to overall wellness as strengthening natural defenses, and what could be more beautiful than a daily tea ritual to build up our defenses? Tea Forté Defense supports the body’s ability to protect itself with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory blend of echinacea, ginger and elderberry while delighting your palate. Thanks to its abundance of antioxidants, a daily cup of this organic green tea strengthens your natural defenses while delighting your palate.

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  • Introducing the Wellbeing Collection
  • Steeping instructions

    1. Bring fresh, cold water to a near boil (175˚F).
    2. Place 1 teaspoon of tea in a cup and pour 8 ounces of water over the leaves.
    3. Steep for 2-3 minutes.
    4. Enjoy!

    For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8-ounce glass and double the steep time.

    Tasting Notes

    Flavor: Sweet rose with underlying notes of warming spice. Spicy-ginger at the finish with berry undertones.
    Aroma: Sweet, fruity rose with notes of ginger
    Color: Reddish


    • Organic green tea
    • Organic ginger
    • Organic licorice root
    • Organic beetroot
    • Organic lemongrass
    • Organic lemon balm
    • Natural flavors
    • Organic echinacea
    • Organic elderberry
    • Organic rose petals

    Caffeine Content (Mg)

    0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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    1. Carli S E.
      Verified Buyer

      Delicious way to get my immune system defense!

      I have yet to try a tea from Tea Forte that I don’t like. This line of Wellness teas is great!

      07/19/21 | Salt Lake City, UT
    2. Anna M.
      Verified Buyer

      Doesn’t tastes as good

      I love almost all the teas and I tried them all . This one just didn’t like at all .

      03/22/21 | SEVEN FIELDS, PA
    3. Sherry M.
      Verified Buyer

      No covid

      love this tea! Taste great and I’m doing everything I can to build and keep a healthy immune system. Will most definitely buy this tea again

      02/10/21 | Lake Charles, LA
    4. Tena L.
      Verified Buyer

      NEW Defense

      I had my first cup of this new blend this morning. First the aroma is wonderful. Great balanced flavor. Loved it. I think it's my new favorite.

      02/02/21 | Mission Viejo, CA
    5. Monica M.
      Verified Buyer

      Defense Green Tea

      I ordered this new tea based on the description. I was a little skeptical as could it really match such a desirable description? From the first sip of my first cup, I was so pleasantly surprised. It was the perfect mix of green with substance. It was delicious & did match its description! I really felt great the day after each afternoon indulgence of Defense tea. I highly recommend this tea. (I consider myself a tea snob!)

      01/28/21 | HINGHAM, MA
    6. Ulrike S.
      Verified Buyer

      My favorite tea

      This tea is a hug in a mug so flavorful and tasty

      01/28/21 | El Paso, TX
    7. Melissa L.
      Verified Buyer

      Good over ice

      I drink this hot or cold. It’s refreshing served cold over ice.

      01/28/21 | Evanston, IL
    8. Tina T.
      Verified Buyer


      I really have enjoyed tasting the new flavors for the Wellbeing collection. Defense has to be my favorite!!

      01/28/21 | West Lafayette, IN
    9. Helen G.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Great Immune System Booster but Tastes Bitter

      I'm a huge fan of the healthy products and natural ways to boost your immune system so I was super excited to try the Defense green tea from the new Wellbeing Collection. The ingredients are all from a super-foods category: green tea, echinacea and elderberry. Hey common cold, get ready to take a punch! This green tea blend is a great way to naturally boost your health... and it also tastes, well "healthy". I'm not sure which ingredient in particular, my suspicion falls on the beetroot one, brings a lot of bitterness to the taste. As the Defense tea blend wouldn't be my favorite cup of tea on a cold winter night, it would do just perfect on the winter night when you are sick in bed with a common cold where fast recovery is bigger priority than taste.

      01/23/21 | Houston, TX
    10. Claudia Q.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      A balanced tea

      Defense tea is a fruity yet bitter tea that walks a fine line between these two extremes and manages to produce a nice flavor that rejuvenates the body and clears the mind. There's a hint of sweetness while drinking that almost makes you forget that you're drinking tea, but the bitterness keeps you grounded and the harmony of these two flavors is what provides a truly pleasant experience.

      12/23/20 | Tucson, AZ
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