citrus mint

herbal tea
The smooth, pleasing combination of citrus and peppermint orchestrates an infusion rich with notes that are fragrant and flavorful. A refreshing steep, delicious both hot and over ice.
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citrus mint event box
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citrus mint

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


organic peppermint leaves, organic lemon peel

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


Kosher Certified, USDA Organic
Kosher Certified
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (7)   Write a review

My Go To Tea!!

This tea is my absolute favorite. I cannot put a reason too it though, it has got to be the combination of the peppermint and the lemon peels. This is not an overwhelming type of mint tea like most. The mint flavor is on a subtle side but it makes it quite enjoyable anytime. I drink at least a cup a day!

12/18/13  |  Lynn, Upstate, NY

Simple, Refreshing Tea

The peppermint flavor is colored only slightly by a tinge of lemon. A very simple, yet satisfying, mint tea.

1/25/13  |  Matt, Boulder, CO

Good tea without the girly smell!

Hey, even a guy needs to cut down on the caffienne, but I don't want a cup of perfume either. Citrus mint has a bold mint flavor with all the quality of the other Tea Forte teas, but without the flower garden notes my wife likes in her tea. Thank you to the GUYS at Tea Forte.

5/18/11  |  Christopher, Austin, TX

Isn't mint just mint? No!

You'd think that mint would just be mint, right? Why would one peppermint tea be substantially better than another? I don't know, but this one is, and I've always liked peppermint tea. This one is something special. Maybe it's just the lemon zest in there with it or maybe they've got a fairy on staff with a little wand. All I know is it's delicious.

4/26/10  |  Eric, Atlanta, GA

"Very refreshing any time of day"

"Cool, brilliant peppermint is complemented by sunny citrus zest. A perfectly refreshing cup that warms the body and soothes the soul. Naturally Caffeine-Free and Kosher."

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9/30/09  |  Cindy, Webmaster Tea Forté, MA

Awesome bag...awesome tea!

I first saw this tea at a favorite restraunt of mine and then had to order some for every occasions for friends and family. Delicous and everyone remarks on the pyramid bag shape.

5/19/09  |  Dawn, Issaquah, WA

Refreshing and light

This is one of my favorite teas from Tea Forte. I love the simple combination of real mint leaves and bits of lemon zest. It tastes great both hot and cold.

5/15/09  |  Julie, Somerville, MA

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