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Herbal Tea

Our limited edition blend of caffeine-free rooibos, exotic cardamom, and sweetly fragrant vanilla.

Kosher Certified

Tasting Notes

Flavor: Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla
Aroma: Cinnamon, spices, vanilla
Infusion: Golden
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Winter Chai Tea
Winter Chai Tea

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Winter Chai Tea

About Winter Chai Tea

Tea Type : Herbal Tea

Tea Forte’s limited edition blend, Winter Chai, is a masterful blend of traditional rooibos and comforting spices, offering a warm and inviting cup that features notes of cardamom and cinnamon perfect for cold-weather months. Ingredients include the naturally caffeine free rooibos herb from South Africa, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger. The blend also includes bits of lemongrass, an herb reported to have innumerable therapeutic and other health benefits. Rooibos tea, also known as bush tea of redbush tea, is made from the needle-like leaves of the rooibos plant which are then oxidized to produce a reddish-brown color and to enhance the flavor. Naturally caffeine free, this cozy chai tea is Kosher certified. Winter Chai is an herbal tea, which are properly referred to as "tisanes" or infusions, crafted from dried herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and fruit. Like tea, herbal infusions have been consumed for centuries as healing tonics to lift the spirit and enhance well-being. Our Herbal blends are hand crafted with artisan care and a vast knowledge of how the antioxidant properties and therapeutic applications of pure, fresh herbs, flowers, and botanicals, deliver delicious healthful infusions that can delight both mind and body.

Read more about Rooibos Tea:
  • All About Rooibos Tea
  • Steeping instructions

    1. Heat water to 208˚F.
    2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.
    3. Steep for 5-7 minutes.
    4. Enjoy!

    For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.

    Tasting Notes

    Flavor: Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla
    Aroma: Cinnamon, spices, vanilla
    Infusion: Golden


    • Rooibos
    • Cinnamon
    • Ginger
    • Lemongrass
    • Cardamom
    • Natural cinnamon flavor
    • Vanilla pieces

    Caffeine Content (Mg)

    0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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    1. Madelyn H.

      My Favorite Tea!

      Winter Chai is my favorite tea. I am beyond disappointed that this tea is no longer sold in its own tin. I do not like the other teas in the collections which contain Winter Chai so I will not buy them. Please bring back Winter Chai in its own tin. Until then I will not be placing any orders with Tea Forte. Based on the amazing reviews of this particular tea, I cannot understand why the decision was made to discontinue selling this tea in its own tin. It makes no sense. Each reviewer who wrote a review regarding this matter obviously feels strongly about this issue or they would not have taken the time to post a review. I really hope Tea Forte is paying attention to these requests to bring back this beloved tea blend.

      08/27/18 | Sacramento, CA
    2. janet k.

      winer chai is our favorite

      For sure , bring back winter chai tea in the gift box.. Gave to friends several years ago and purchased for myself as well. My favorite of all your teas we have tried.

      05/08/18 | arvada, CO
    3. C J.

      My Favorite, Need this in a canister or bag!

      This is just simply delightful tea. Very expensive to buy a whole assortment just to get a cup of Winter Chai tea! Please, please offer this in a canister or bag.

      04/26/18 | Beckley, WV
    4. Sarah F.


      This tea is delicious! It is one of my all-time favorites, but I've had to hoard my last few servings of it because for some crazy reason, Tea Forte decided to discontinue it in the loose canisters. But guess what??? They are letting us vote on which flavor to bring back!!!! Please click on or cut/paste this link and vote to bring this amazing flavor back!!!

      04/16/18 | Tewksbury, MA
    5. Esther S.

      BRING BACK WINTER CHAI .Yes, I know I'm shouting.

      I'm boycotting your site till you bring back Winter Chai. I never liked any other teas and I bought a lot of other teas in the hope of finding a replacement NO LUCK!!!!!!!!! Hope others will follow me.

      04/12/18 | Matthews, NC
    6. Margaret G.

      Bring it back!

      I'm so disappointed not to be able to buy any more Winter Chai. It is my absolute favorite herbal tea and I could drink it year round. Please bring it back next winter and I will be sure to stock up so I'm never without it again.

      02/22/18 | Concord, MA
    7. Alana H.

      Please bring back in tins

      Have given 5 stars for many years...until now. I have bought my teas from Tea Forte for years and in the past several months they have discontinued two of my favorite teas. Coconut Chocolate Truffle and apparently now, Winter Chai. I have less than a half a tin left from an order of 4 tins and now I see I can't order any more. Why are you getting rid of so many of your best teas? I am becoming more and more disappointed with Tea Forte. Obviously I won't be ordering as much or as often as I have in the past. At one point I was ordering 3-4 tins at a time nearly every 3 months. I take a break during summer months but every winter I stock back up. (We recently moved to Kansas and in Kansas it is still very much winter) Stocking up isn't going to be happening any more since they are no longer carrying my favorite teas. I have tired many, many flavors of Tea Forte teas starting with the variety packs and found certain teas that have become my favorites. Now they stop carrying them. Why? Please bring back the Winter Chai and Coconut Chocolate Truffle in tins.

      02/21/18 | Fullerton, CA
    8. Angela G.

      Please PLEASE offer in a tin! Or bag!

      Tried this one with a single steep collection and I am in LOVE. But deeply disappointed that I can only get it in a collection. I mean, it is currently Winter, after all. Shouldn't that be the perfect time to make it available? I'm begging here, pretty please? :)

      01/30/18 | Wise, VA
    9. Sheila H.

      Please, please offer a tin 🙄(Winter Chai)

      It's frigid here in Iowa....Winter Chai is by far my favorite winter tea. Don't want to end up with multiple flavors in sets.....just Winter Chai!! Please, please offer a tin. Is that a possibility?? Thanks in advance for a response.

      01/02/18 | Indianola, IA
    10. Christine S.

      Where's the Winter Chai Tea???

      This tea blows other herbal teas right out of the water, but I can't find it anywhere. I see I'm not alone...this tea seems to have quite a following. Please make it available as soon as possible!

      12/13/17 | Lawrenceville, NJ
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