wild berry hibiscus tea

herbal tea
Tart-sweet juicy berries,punctuated with aromatic hibiscus tea brewing flowers and rose hips, finished with notes of sun ripened citrus.
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wild berry hibiscus tea loose leaf tea canister
wild berry hibiscus tea loose leaf tea canister
35-50 servings
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wild berry hibiscus tea

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


organic hibiscus, organic apple pieces, organic licorice root, organic blackberry leaves, natural berry flavor, organic orange peel, organic rosehips, organic raspberries

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


USDA Organic
USDA Organic

Customer Reviews (7)   Write a review

Wild Berry Hibiscus

Please, please put the Wild Berry Hibiscus back in filter bags. I use them in my practice for my clients and only have a few left! Thank you, thank you

3/26/15  |  Georgiana, Kennebunk, ME

Wonderful tea

My daughter sent this tea as a gift also sent along a beautiful Kati to seep the tea in. The smell is amazing and the taste even better. I just ordered 3 new boxes and this next Christmas all my special friends will be receiving the Kati along with tea as gifts! Love it!

1/18/15  |  Donna, Kouts, IN

My Favorite Tea

Please let me know when you have the filterbags again. I only have 32 left and winter is coming.

11/8/14  |  Judith, Polk City, FL

Filter Bags Awesome, Loose Tea Sadly Changed

We loved the Wild Berry Hibiscus, in its original filter bags form. Since Tea Forte seemed to be discontinuing the filter bags, we decided to try the loose tea. We were sadly disappointed - the recipe has changed, and it is a much more astringent tea. While certainly having much of the original character, the changes have really made it a much less enjoyable cup - we loved it both hot and room temp and cold, previously. Really hoping they either bring back the filter bags, or return the recipe to the original for the loose tea. Thankfully, we still have a few boxes left... :)

8/2/14  |  David, Ottawa, Canada


This tea is fantastic. I let it steep for more than 5 mins and leave the bag in while the tea cools. The berry after-taste leaves me smiling every single time.

7/1/14  |  Shilpa, Nashville, TN


This herbal is amazing! A perfect mix. I tried it both with and without sugar. I must say it is great both ways. It smells wonderful and taste better. This is one I will definitely get again.

4/4/13  |  Matthew, Portland, OR

This is the best!

I brew this tea with fresh honey and lemon and it is the most beautiful tasting beverage I've ever had! My grocery store just discontinued selling it :( How can I get it back? The store is Erdmans in Kasson, MN. so I am very excited to be able to order it on-line! Try this tea!

1/16/13  |  peggy, Kasson, MN

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