sweet ginger plum

herbal tea
A delicious botanical blend of tangy hibiscus with the deep resonance of sweet plum, cranberry and fig, accented with the tingle of cinnamon and warmth of ginger tea.
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sweet ginger plum loose leaf tea canister
sweet ginger plum loose leaf tea canister
35-50 servings
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sweet ginger plum

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


hibiscus, rose hips, orange peels, sweet blackberry leaves, coconut pieces, cinnamon, cranberries, natural plum flavor, ginger, cornflower petals, other natural flavors and figs, (figs, maltodextrin), other natural flavoring (spice)

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free

Customer Reviews (11)   Write a review

One of my favorite

I love everything about this. It smells wonderful, it tastes wonderful, this has to be one of my favorite flavors. But ginger plum is one of my favorite flavors in general, so I can see how this tea is not for everyone. I still say it's worth a try for anyone not sure.

4/28/15  |  Anastasia, Sunrise, FL

wonderful flavour!

I have tried over twenty flavours of tea forte. The sweet ginger plum is my favourite! Generally I prefer sunny, fruity teas. This tea has a deeper, richer more complex flavour. Like mulled cider is compared to apple juice. Would be so happy to be able to purchase in one pound refill bags!

3/12/15  |  Kim, Dryden, ON, Canada


This smells bad and tastes even worse.

1/29/15  |  elena, New York, NY

Great citrus tea, when it is hot

I am a biggg fan of Tea Forte teas, and I tried several different kinds of Tea Forte teas so far (probably around 7). I tried Cherry Cosmo and Blueberry Merlot before, and Sweet Ginger Plum Tea definitely has more fruity sour flavor than the other two. That is why I like this tea! Also, the end note of this tea - ginger scent - weekens the sour flavor as well. However, personally I think ginger flavor becomes too strong, when the temperature of the tea becomes lower. I also think the flavor will be way better with honey (have not tried yet though)!

12/2/14  |  Soohyun , San Diego, CA


This is my favorite tea. It is wonderful hot or cold. Can't get enough. I am careful not to over steep this. It ruins the flavor.

6/22/14  |  Barb, Minneapolis, MN

Had to throw it out

I gave this tea several tries, but had to throw it out. The flavour is so overpowering and sour-tasting, it actually made me nauseous. I'm a diehard tea drinker, but this tea was just a miss.

2/22/14  |  Ingrid, Canmore, Canada

I love it!

Tried the "Sweet Ginger Plum" tea for the first time as included in the "Warming Joy" gift box. Now I'm ordering a box of just this! Delicious, light & very flavorful!

1/31/14  |  Laura, Orange, CA

Love love love it

This tea tastes like it's loaded with antioxidants :) I can drink it all day long and I am not even a tea drinker.

9/21/13  |  Olga, Boston, MA

Odd Combination of Flavors

This tea has so many competing flavors that it's difficult to describe. I would hardly know it contained plum and ginger if they weren't in the description, since the brewed taste is very muddled. The cinnamon and cranberry seem to rise to the top of the non-hibiscus flavors. All in all, not one of my favorites.

2/17/13  |  Matt, Matt, CO

Best Fruity Herbal Tea Ever!

This tea is incredibly flavorful and sweet. I usually have to add a sweetener to any teas that have rosehips, hibiscus, etc, but this one was luscious all on its own.

12/13/12  |  Laura, Maynard, MA


The first time I tried this tea, I didn't care much for it. I'm very happy I gave it another try! After a long day, I sat down to this and it was perfect. My Kati cup allowed me to savor it. I went out and bought a canister of it today.

11/8/12  |  Sarah, Saint Joseph, MN

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