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Whether hot or cold, tea cocktails have definitely become a popular choice. The New York Times, BuzzFeed and Travel & Leisure all gave a nod to the trend in recent years. Tea Forté tea cocktail infusions provide an easy way to explore these delicious beverages at home. These pyramid infusers are filled with premium tea, herbs and spices that you can steep in a variety of spirits - from gin to vodka to rum. It just takes three steps: steep, pour and enjoy!

Tea cocktails can offer updated variations on the most popular traditional sips. The Lavender Citrus infuser can make a refreshed martini, a Lavender Lime Rickey or a Cosmo de Provence. Looking for a more flavorful gin & tonic? Try the Lemongrass Mint infuser to steep a tasty one. For a warming drink, steep the Silkroad Chai in rum for a warm Bombay Cider or Eggnog. Tea Forté has a collection of recipes to inspire your sipping. Now any gathering can craft innovative tea cocktails.

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