kiwi lime ginger tea

herbal tea
The sunny scent of fresh picked citrus lime complemented by the comfort and taste of ginger tea with a lingering finish of the tropics.
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kiwi lime ginger tea herbal retreat loose tea canister
kiwi lime ginger tea herbal retreat loose tea canister
50 servings
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kiwi lime ginger tea

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


organic honeybush, organic ginger root, organic rooibos, organic lemon peel, natural kiwi flavor and natural lime flavor

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic
Fair Trade Certified
USDA Organic
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Customer Reviews (11)   Write a review

Growing on me ....

I am determined to like this tea! Last night I added a teaspoon of Stevia and it seamed to level out all the different tastes and it was almost perfect. It was quite enjoyable with the added Stevia.

4/21/15  |  John, Bridgeport, WV

I love this tea!

I don’t usually write reviews or use exclamation marks, but after reading the reviews for this tea, I had to do both. I average four-five hours of sleep a night due to the fact I am grading papers for most of the night. Until the November of 2014, I lived on caffeine. My husband’s aunt bought me a tea sampler for my birthday. A few years ago, she bought me African Solstice, which I liked, and so I started with those bags in the sampler. However, when I got to the Kiwi Lime Ginger Tea, I gave the African Solstice to my sister and ordered five more cans of the Kiwi Lime Ginger. I can’t get enough of it. My oldest son hates the smell of the tea, so I understand some of the reviews, but it truly is a matter of taste. The tea, if you let if steep for ten minutes or more, will have a strong ginger-lime flavor, and that is what I love. As I live in Michigan, a strong tea which heats my throat is a God-send in the winter. However, the truth is, I drink it year-round. I have almost completely decaffeinated myself, foregoing coffee and soda for the Kiwi Ginger Lime Tea throughout the school day. My students purchased the tea for me for Christmas because they noticed how much I love it. I wouldn’t purchase a can of the tea, unless you want to forward it to me if you dislike it, to begin with, but try a sample of it. I suspect you will either love it or hate it. As for me, I can’t do without it. I am about to order five more cans. My only regret is that it is never on sale.

3/9/15  |  Jennifer, Manchester, MI

Kiwi Lime Ginger Tea

I had this tea at my gardening buddies house next door this winter. Loved the flavor a lot. I can't describe it but the aroma was a delight to my senses. I do add fresh cream to my teas. This makes it creamy and lovely on the palette. I think it depends if you like herbal teas. Not all people do. I am ordering again and will enjoy to the fullest and not be awake all night. Thank-you for making this one.

2/20/15  |  Lori, Champlin, MN


I have a local coffee shop that has a great lime ginger tea, when I saw that Tea Forte had a Kiwi Lime Ginger I thought I'd try it. I was very disappointed.. It tasted like medicine! I wouldn't recommend this tea.. I have been I faithful "Earl Gray" person and will continue to be... But not for this tea

1/6/15  |  Cynthia, Syracuse, NY

Tastes like vicks vapor rub

I have been happily enjoying the herbal sampler box that I received as a gift, however, when I got to this tea I was very disappointed. I know how expensive this tea is and I did not want to waste it, but I could not force myself to drink this tea. I felt like I opened a jar of Vicks Vapor Rub and started drinking from it. Perhaps this would be a good tea to have if you have a cold.

11/19/14  |  Mollie, Boston, MA

did the job

I was given a tin of this tea post chemo. I couldn't think about eating or drinking anything but I forced myself to sip the tea. I think the fact that it was mild made it possible and even pleasant. The ginger was soothing and I began to enjoy the tea as I was able to try other things and eventually to eat again. I'm still drinking this blend a couple of times a day just for the pleasure of it. Phyllis

4/29/14  |  phyllis, powell, OH

Couldn't get past the smell

I bought his as part of a sample pack of loose leaf teas. I love ginger teas. I brewed this and could not even drink it because of the smell!!! I asked my boyfriend to tell me what he thought it smelled like-- his response... "Port-a-potty". No way do I recommend this tea!

2/9/13  |  Johanna, Rochester, NH

Interesting combination!

Had to steep this one for quite awhile to get any meaningful flavor. Agree with one of the other reviewers that the ginger is the strongest component, but is fresh and clean tasting. Would not turn this tea away in the future!

10/29/12  |  Marlene, Basking Ridge, NJ

Has an interesting aroma.. Eucalyptus?

It's not what I expected but its fresh, and light minty green tasting. It's not very strong ginger flavor, if you like ginger I recommend the Lemongrass Ginger or Ginger Pear.

2/17/12  |  Johanna, Grandview, WA

My favorite herbal tea!

Lime and ginger are two of my favorite flavors so this is a perfect match for me. Ginger is a powerful flavor but the lime holds up and complements it well. The kiwi is much more subtle and it just gives a little depth to the lime. If the ginger is too strong for you please try one of the other ginger options available from Tea forte. This one is perfect like it is!

2/15/12  |  Kathy, Hampton Roads, VA

Not what I was expecting

The description reads "fresh picked citrus complemented by the... taste of ginger" but the ginger definitely overpowers the kiwi lime citrus! This blend needs to be re-worked to reduce the amount of ginger used.

2/2/12  |  Diane, LaGrange, KY

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