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ginger lemongrass

herbal tea
A soothing, multi-layered blend radiating with sunny citrus notes enlivened with the tingle of ginger. A fruity, bright cup with a sweet lingering aftertaste.
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Ginger Lemongrass

Customer Reviews

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser |4 of 5 stars

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes, 208°F
For stronger flavor, steep longer.

For loose leaf herbal iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass and double the steep time.


organic ginger root, organic lemongrass, organic licorice root, organic lemon peel, organic spearmint leaves

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free


Kosher Certified, USDA Organic

Kosher Certified USDA Organic
Ginger Lemongrass
Ginger from China, lemongrass from Thailand

Did You Know?

Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, comes from the Cymbopogon family of grasses. Closely related Cymbopogon citriodora produces the essential oils used to make citronella candles. Lemongrass is commonly used to make teas in Africa, Mexico and elsewhere around the world.

More Info

Tea type: Herbal tea

Tea Forté Ginger Lemongrass is a euphoric, refreshing and aromatic lemongrass tea with whole ginger pieces for a tingly finish. A bright and enlivening herbal tea.

Ginger and lemongrass are legacy herbs often combined to brew tea for their possible health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Considered by holistic practitioners to be Medicinal Food, many tout the benefits of lemongrass for its antioxidants. Antioxidants work by eliminating free radicals in the body, and consuming antioxidant-rich foods and herbs regularly is believed to lower the risk of developing several chronic diseases. Studies have also found that ginger has a very high antioxidant content compared with other plants and may benefit the body with flu-fighting health benefits - proven in both Western and Chinese medicine.

  • Flavor: warm and aromatic with bright citrus overtones.
  • Aroma: exhilarating aromatic spice with a refreshing citrus edge.
  • Infusion: glowing reed-yellow.
  • Strength: bright-bodied

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Event Box

ginger lemongrass event box

48 pyramid infusers

Loose Leaf Tea Canister

ginger lemongrass loose leaf tea canister

35-50 servings

single steeps single steeps sampler

single steeps sampler single steeps

three each of the following organic blends: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile Citron, Green Mango Peach, Ginger Lemongrass


tea chest tea chest herbal

tea chest herbal tea chest

40 pyramid infusers, two infusers each of: African Solstice, Apricot Amaretto, Belgian Mint, Blueberry Merlot, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Cosmo, Citrus Mint, Coco Truffle, Crimson Nectar, Flora, Ginger Lemongrass, Harvest Apple Spice, Kiwi Lime Ginger, Lemon Lavender, Lemon Vervain, Mojito Marmalade, Orange Pomegranate, Peach Jubilee, Raspberry Nectar, Winter Chai


tea chest tea chest sampler

tea chest sampler tea chest

40 pyramid infusers, two infusers each of: Earl Grey, Orchid Vanilla, Ginger Lemongrass, English Breakfast, Chamomile Tisane, African Solstice, Black Currant, Formosa Oolong, Citrus Mint, Jasmine Green, Bombay Chai, White Ambrosia, Sencha, Estate Darjeeling, White Ginger Pear, Raspberry Nectar, Green Mango Peach, Hazelnut Turffle, Lemon Sorbetti, Blueberry Merlot.


single steeps® tea chest tea chest single steeps

tea chest single steeps single steeps® tea chest

28 pre-portioned pouches, one of each blend: African Solstice, Apricot Ameretto, Blood Orange, Bluberry Merlot, Bombay Chai, Caramel Nougat, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Marzipan, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Mango Colada, Cucumber Mint, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger Lemongrass, Green Mango Peach, Honey Yuzu, Jasmine Green, Lychee Coconut, Mojito Marmalde, Peach Brûlée, Peach Rhubard Preserve, Sencha, Swiss Apple, Tangerine Rosemary, Tupelo Honey Fig, White Ginger Pear, White Cinnamon Sage, Wild Apple Ginger


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Customer Reviews (11) Write a review

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Delicious!!

My favorite tea! I've tried others with ginger or lemongrass but I always come back to this one. Just wish the bags were biodegradable since I can't always use the loose tea.

08/18/15 | Sharon, Wellesley Hills, MA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser I'm in love with this tea!

Just a perfect blend for me and my boyfriend. I am very picky with teas and this one just blown me away from the very first sip. Definitely ordering some more! Would be on my birthday and Christmas lists too!!! Janice and Anthony

01/31/15 | Anthony, Seoul, South Korea

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Tastes Devine!

I ordered this tea after a friend recommended it and it is wonderful. Not only is it healthy due to it's antioxidants and anti-inflammatory powers but it also tastes great didn't even use sugar, or honey. Great for colds and flu also.

12/21/14 | Rose, Whittier, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser Enjoy the tea

Enjoy the tea. I like the smell which remind me of the Thai food, but the after taste is not as smooth as I wish.

12/13/14 | Yin, Goleta, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Just what I was expecting

A very nice blend for after a meal or in the evening. If you like ginger and lemongrass, this tea is for you.

04/01/14 | Laura, Maynard, MA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Perfect Tea Mmmmm

Perfect tea for when you are coming down with a cold. A coworker gave me a little pyramid of Ginger Lemongrass tea a few weeks ago, and today I needed something to soothe my throat as am coming down with a cold. I swear it made me feel 100% better, and it tastes wonderful to me. That's the reason I am looking to make my own purchase.

12/12/12 | Oriana, Chicago, IL

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Mmmm

I live for the sweet aftertaste!

08/27/12 | Aurora, PHX, AZ

infuser infuser infuser infuser Perfect when you're sick

I love this tea year round, but especially appreciate when I come down with a cold. The spice from the ginger and the zing from the lemongrass are perfect for a sore throat. I love to add a dollop of honey when I'm sick but find that the tea is sufficiently sweet otherwise. I took off one star though since the tea tends to leave quite a bit of 'dust' in the cup when using with the Kati Tea Brewing System - some of the lemongrass is too fine for the filter and ends up in your cup.

05/16/12 | Nancy, Santa Barbara, CA

infuser A little too "zesty" for my taste buds

Just too much ginger for me. The aftertaste was too much for me. My least favorite tea.

04/21/12 | Sue, Tempe, AZ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser mmmmmmm!

great combination of flavors.. very soothing and relaxing tea!

08/05/10 | adam, ft lauderdale, FL

infuser infuser infuser Ginger Lemongrass

My wife had this tea while on vacation and loved it!...

04/18/10 | Dave, Boulder, CO