vienna cinnamon

black tea
Naturally sweet vienna cinnamon blended with the finest black tea creates a spicy-sweet balance to create a cinnamon tea that surprises and satisfies while cleansing the palate.
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vienna cinnamon loose leaf tea canister
vienna cinnamon loose leaf tea canister
35-50 servings
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vienna cinnamon

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes,  208°F 

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


black tea, cinnamon, clove buds, flavoring

Caffeine Level


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very good!

I loved the cinnamon and the sweetness.

1/29/15  |  elena, new york, NY

Great Cinnamon Tea

I bought this loose leaf tea due to the high ratings and they were correct. The cinnamon flavor is about medium and that's the way I like it. I steeped it for 3 min but I will try 5 min next time to see if I get more cinnamon taste. I also love Trader Joe's cinnamon tea. It comes in a tea bag though. I don't recall which one is more potent. I haven't had any of the Trader Joe's since last fall. This tea is still great

9/30/14  |  Kevin, huntersville, NC

Cinnamon Heaven!

I love Winter Chai....It's seriously my favorite Tea Forté flavor. Vienna Cinnamon is a great, caffeinated sibling! Its spicy, sweet and full of cinnamon flavor. Tastes like there is sugar in the canister, but it's a calorie-free treat. I'm sure this will be my new morning staple!

1/17/14  |  Faith, Newport, RI


I absolutely love this tea. In general, I'm a fan of black teas, but this one is definitely one of my favourites. The sweetness of the cinnamon is a pleasurable mix with the leaves and I have no use at all for a sweetener. I will certainly always have this on hand for my morning pick-me-up.

10/19/13  |  Tonya, Williamston, SC

Wonderful Flavor

This is a strong, pure cinnamon flavor. I like cinnamon a lot and this one has it all going on.

6/23/13  |  Denise , Pomeroy, OH

Surprising tea

This tea tastes like red hot candies. It smells like it too. It wasn't what I expected, but after taking a few more sips I enjoyed the tea. This tea is sweet and hot and is an acquired taste.

2/2/13  |  Katie, panama city, FL

Fantastic tea

I love this tea, excellent cinnamon flavor combined with the satisfying boldness of the quality black tea. A wonderful afternoon tea

11/18/11  |  Laurie, San Diego, CA

Best ever

I've looked high and low for the perfect cinnamon tea. Most are too spicy (anise?) and don't taste very much like cinnamon. This one is perfect. It tastes like cinnamon (which really shouldn't be so hard to find in a cinnamon tea, but IS)! It's so naturally sweet that you don't need sugar (this from a girl who LOVES to put sugar in her tea), but isn't so sweet that those who don't usually put sugar in their tea (my sister) mind the sweetness (she loves this tea, too!). My friends have one by one tried this tea at my house, and they always leave with the name of it and this website's address. Usually, they purchase two canisters at a time. It's that good. If I had to commit to one tea for the rest of my life, this would be the one.

8/4/10  |  Rebecca, Schertz, TX


I purchase the loose cannister of Vienna Cinnamon on a regular basis. I occasionally try other teas but nothing compares. I absolutely love the flavor and aroma of the tea. I have it every morning and if it weren't for the caffeine, I would have it every night too.

3/11/10  |  Kim, Medicine Hat, Canada

Truly the cream of the crop

I love Tea Forté and the whole Dolce Vita line, but this one, is truly the cream of the crop. The warmth and the velvety smoothness of this tea is trully something special to share with people you love. The perfect hint of sweetness, not overwelming in it's spice and the color it is truly is the perfect balance. A warm cup of this tea while watching snow flakes fall hold something magic. You'll fall in love with this tea as I have!

11/17/09  |  Jonathan, Montreal, Canada


I was floored by this tea! I was never expecting it to be one of the best teas I tried from Tea Forte; I imagined the cinnamon flavor would be pretty simplistic and nothing to swoon over, but I was wrong. The best part is I don’t have to waste any extra honey or sugar on it because it’s so naturally sweet that it’s perfect as is, which really surprised me. If you’re new to the site and overwhelmed on what to try first, this would be a great choice. The flavors are very strong and warm, so it’s perfect on a cold day! Whenever I brew it, it fills up the entire room with a wonderful, soft smell, too. If you enjoy cinnamon, you HAVE to try this tea!

10/12/09  |  Kristina, West Chester, PA


My favorite Tea Forte tea! No better way to start my day then a cup of vienna cinnamon tea!

5/15/09  |  Katie, Bedford, MA

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