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Black Tea

A warming, fruity, aromatic classic for the holidays and beyond.

Kosher Certified | USDA Organic

Tasting Notes

Flavor: orange, cinnamon
Aroma: citrus, cinnamon
Color: golden
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Sweet Orange Spice Tea
Sweet Orange Spice Tea

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Sweet Orange Spice Tea

About Sweet Orange Spice Tea

Tea Type : Black Tea

Complex and assertive, black teas are the most consumed of all the teas. Black tea goes through four stages of production – withering, rolling, oxidation and drying/firing. This process results in a penetrating, intense taste and contains more caffeine than less oxidized teas. With a focus on quality, Tea Forté only seeks out small gardens dedicated to quality and sustainable practices, to protect and benefit the people and the land. Searching and sampling, Tea Forté selects large, well-shaped, leaves that are hand processed and carefully crafted, a laborious and time consuming task that requires patience and a passion for our offerings of exquisite black tea.

Ingredients and certifications may differ slightly between our pyramid infusers and loose tea canisters for this blend, see package for details.

Steeping instructions

1. Heat water to 208˚F.
2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.
3. Steep for 3-5 minutes.
4. Enjoy!

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.

Tasting Notes

Flavor: orange, cinnamon
Aroma: citrus, cinnamon
Color: golden


  • Organic black tea
  • Organic cinnamon
  • Organic orange peel
  • Natural flavors
  • Organic clove buds

Caffeine Content (Mg)

0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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  1. Suzanne R.

    New Blend - Sweet Orange Spice

    The original blend was one of my favorites!! I'd easily give that blend a 5 star score. When it became unavailable last year I was very disappointed. With the new blend, though, I have to agree with the other reviews - the tea is very very weak tasting and the can is near impossible to open. Also, with the new packaging, the teas no longer arrive in a sealed plastic bag inside the cans.

    04/10/18 | Portland, OR
  2. Sam H.

    New blend: disappointing

    I LOVED the original blend and waited patiently for it to be available again. They must have re-designed the blend because its mostly just cinnamon, I can barely taste any orange or actual tea flavor. I am very disappointed and hope they will change it back to the original, as it now just tastes like cinnamon water and is an outright waste of money.

    03/28/18 | Madison, WI
  3. Karen P.

    So sad 😢

    I agree with many of the reviewers. This was a great tasting tea. Searched and searched for it and when it finally came back I ordered two canisters. Very disappointed in the flavor. There wasn’t any........ It is flat and flavorless. Like one reviewer said, it tastes like boiled water. Please change it back. Also the canister is impossible to open. Luckily I had an old canister I poured in into. PLEASE BRING BACK THE FLAVOR............

    03/27/18 | Morrison, CO
  4. Marlyn D.
    Verified Buyer

    Burst of flavor

    A delightfully spicy tea for anytime of day. My favorite!

    03/19/18 | Sunnyvale, CA
  5. Sharlene R.

    I used to love it but now I HATE the new formula

    This used to be my favorite tea ever until the formula was changed. When they changed the can they also changed the formula and I HATE the new formula. The old formula had a really pleasant spice and sweetness combination so I could drink it without sugar. The is just bland and bitter. Please, please bring back the old formula of this tea.

    03/15/18 | South Houston, TX
  6. Lydia D.

    (New) sweet orange spice tea

    The new blend is undrinkable! Why on earth did you change the blend of one of your best selling teas And design a canister few can open! Please consider the many thousands of customers who drank the old blend and consider bringing the original back. You’ll see your sales skyrocket for the original sweet orange spice tea!

    03/04/18 | El Paso, TX
  7. Maggie M.
    Verified Buyer

    Orange spice

    It is the absolute best tea ever. There is so much loose tea in those little canisters. Really don't care for the new canisters. I find them to very hard to open..

    02/28/18 | Canal winchester, OH
  8. Terri P.
    Verified Buyer

    New Organic Tea

    I am very sorry to tell you this, ... BUT: 1. I appreciate the fact the tea is organic, and the new packaging is "greener". 2. However, the smell, flavor, and taste of my favorite tea, Sweet Orange Spice, is not the same. It does not have the depth, or character of the former product. It has too much cinnamon and not enough orange. 3. I have enjoyed Tea Forte products for many years now and am "disappointed" that my favorite tea recipe has been adjusted. Terri Jones

    02/28/18 | Las Vegas, NV
  9. Jeremiah H.
    Verified Buyer

    Nice Spiced Orange Black

    This tea has a wonderful mix of black tea, citrus, and spices that is aromatic and delightful. For lack of a better descriptor, it's comforting and tastes a bit sweet with no sweetener (I am getting away from sweeteners, so that's very nice for me!)

    02/28/18 | Charlotte, NC
  10. Ruth J.

    So disappointed

    I too waited eagerly for the Sweet Orange Spice to become available again. I am so disappointed I can't even find the words to describe. The old formula was sweet with a brillant spice and orange flavor. This new formula tastes like boiled water. The flavor is gone. I read the reviews before purchasing and gratefully only bought 1 cannister. I tried to like it, but it is so different from the original recipe it doesn't even taste like the same tea. I would not purchase this tea again unless they go back to the original recipe. If you were a fan of the original you will not like what they have done to the formula.

    02/28/18 | Shorewood, IL
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