orchid vanilla tea

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Exceptional black tea leaves blended with Madagascar vanilla and delicate shavings of tropical coconut. Delicious and creamy with a floral bouquet, this cup offers the enchanting flavor of an island getaway.
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orchid vanilla tea

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes,  208°F 

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


natural vanilla flavor, black tea, coconut, other natural flavoring (coconut)

Caffeine Level

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Customer Reviews (19)   Write a review

Wonderfully tasting, subtle tea.

Purchased this tea after not having luck with other brands. This Orchid Vanilla is one of the best I've ever had, and I will certainly be purchasing more once I run out. I steep 1 spoonful about 5 minutes, with a few rocks of sugar. I end up with a wonderfully smelling and tasting tea. The vanilla is not overpowering, and does have subtle hints of coconut which adds to the vanilla flavor.

12/25/14  |  Kristen, Fiskeville, RI

This is the one!!

I have sampled many of the Tea Forte teas, although they are excellent the Vanilla Orchid is the one I always return to. The vanilla is warm & doesn't overpower the blend but definitely surrounds each cupful with it's presence. The coconut enhances the vanilla however it does not take a backseat & lets the drinker know it too is part of a dynamic duo. I add just a small pinch of Tea fortes amber sugar to my Kati cup & find I'm relaxed, refreshed & feel Indulged. M.B. Olds

11/8/14  |  Mary Beth, Lake Zurich, IL

Just a hint

Barely a hint of vanilla in this after steeping for 5 min. This is the loose leaf tea product. I like my teas to be more potent. Not awful by any means but just needs a little more vanilla flavor for my liking.

10/1/14  |  Kevin, huntersville, NC

Very Soothing

This was my first experience with Tea Forte and it was a wonderful one! So wonderful, in fact, that I haven't looked back and just continue to order from them exclusively. Their teas are excellent quality, many are organic and there are no artificial flavors! Orchid Vanilla is a smooth, subtle tea with undertones of vanilla and coconut, nothing overpowering. It is my "go-to" tea.

6/23/13  |  Denise , Pomeroy, OH

The REAL "Dessert in a Cup"

This is so delicious, it's like a vanilla cookie in a cup. Very smooth, not too sweet, and enough caffeine for a bit of a pick-me-up.

4/14/13  |  Taryn, Minneapolis, MN

This tea is great

This tea is great if you have a sweet tooth, but I found it to be a little too sweet for me.

4/14/13  |  Sydney, San Anselmo, CA


I was visiting my sister when I noticed she had 4 tins of Tea Forte in her cupboard. I drink tea every day but have never heard of the brand. I decided to try the orchid vanilla. WOW!! It's the best tea I've ever tried in my life!! I'm definitely a new customer:) I ended up buying a 100g tin from a little store near her lake cabin...if you're looking for an amazing tea this is it!!

1/1/13  |  Stephanie, Edmonton, Canada

Orchid Vanilla loose black tea

Over half of my loose tea collection is from Tea Forte, and Orchid Vanilla black tea is my five-star favorite. Mild black tea with vanilla and coconut shavings makes this a pleasant treat every day, without any added sugar. The airtight steel can has 3.5 oz. of loose tea, about twenty-two cents per serving! Caffeine level is about 50mg per serving.

12/6/12  |  KEVIN, Pittsburgh, PA

Exceptionally Scrumptious WITHOUT the Shakes

Taste and reactions to foods vary according to the individual; so I am adding only an anecdotal comment: I have an extremely low tolerance for caffeine. One cup of coffee, even with breakfast gives me palpitations, and I'm awake for 36 hours. One "tall" S'bucks decaf gives me the shakes. Soooo, while the website quantifies the amount of caffeine in one pyramid of Orchid Vanilla as "robust" (halfway between Medium and High), my experience has been quite different. I can enjoy up to two cupfuls before lunch and suffer zero nervousness, and I get a full night's sleep that evening. For those of us who suffer caffeine intolerance, this is delightful news.

11/25/12  |  Terry, Annapolis, MD

A preparation tip for this wonderful tea!

This is my all-time favorite tea, but I discovered something that takes it to another level & I wanted to share. Being English, I always drink my tea hot with milk & sugar. Recently I decided to try it prepared with coconut milk....oh my gosh!!!! The coconut flavor already in the tea is even more enhanced when paired with the coconut milk. Talk about kicking it up a notch....heaven in a cup indeed!!!

8/28/12  |  Wendye, Las Vegas, NV

Love this tea!

I had a vanilla tea at Harrods on a recent trip to London. Have been looking for a vanilla tea since I got home and haven't had any luck. My Mom found this tea and gave it to me for my bday. I was skeptical, thinking it would never compare, but I was pleasantly surprised! This is so delicious and is now one of my favorites. I am an avid tea drinker and always searching for great loose teas, and am so glad I've found Tea Forte!

7/14/12  |  Diane, Boston, MA

Exquisite tea!!

This has become my absolute favorite tea, it has an incredible bouquet & the taste is heavenly. I'm English & have been drinking tea practically from the cradle & this is a fantastic black tea. I particularly like both vanilla & coconut & this tea marries these flavors perfectly. A discovery I made that makes it even better, if that's possible...try it with coconut milk. Heaven in a cup indeed!!

7/5/12  |  Wendye, Las Vegas, NV


As a lifelong tea drinker, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite. I first discovered this at a Celebrity Cruise Champagne Tea a year ago. Just returned from another cruise and enjoyed it two more times at High Tea. Now I am adding it to my extensive collection of exceptional, unique teas. Try it with a touch of sugar and milk to bring out the flavors. Enjoy!

12/16/11  |  Carol, Napa Valley, CA


I bought this in a sampler pack last Christmas for my wife who drinks tea EVERY NIGHT! It instantly became her favorite tea and flavor! Just bought another one for this Christmas! (yes, I like it too!)

11/30/10  |  Wayne, Flemington, NJ

Great taste

I have tried couple different kinds of black teas.This one is so unique and great in taste. I drink it as a afternoon tea after get up from a snap. I simply love it and would like to recommend it to anyone who hasn't decide which kind of tea to purchase here~

11/11/10  |  shengyi, ames, IA


This was the first Tea Forte blend I ever tasted and it remains my favorite. Though the smell is cloyingly sweet, the taste is smooth with hints of the vanilla and coconut. Even when I let the loose leaf sit in my press pot for quite awhile it never becomes bitter or overwhelmingly strong. Just a lovely everyday tea.

5/5/10  |  Alyson, Hamden, CT

It's Heaven in a Cup!

Simply the best beverage I've ever had in my life. It's like a liquid form of a sugar cookie.

9/3/09  |  Chrystal, Whitehouse, TX

Best tea I ever had!

I just sampled this tea at a fundraiser I attended. I couldn't get enough! It's just a beautiful scent and flavor. I will be buying this for myself! It was also my first sample of Tea forte. Extremely good first taste!

7/29/09  |  Melissa, Trinity, FL

The best Vanilla tea EVER!

I am a huge vanilla tea fan but no other vanilla comes close to this tea. It is really delicious.

6/26/09  |  Stephanie, Hoboken, NJ

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