coconut chai latte

black tea
The zesty zing of cinnamon, cardamom and clove takes over the first sip of this tropical treasure, followed by toasty island coconut. Try our Coconut Chai Latte with milk and sweetener then enjoy hot or iced for a creamy, tropical latte.
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coconut chai latte coconut loose tea canister
coconut chai latte coconut loose tea canister
35-50 servings
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coconut chai latte

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes,  208°F 

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


organic black tea, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic coconut pieces, organic licorice root, natural coconut flavor, organic cardamom seeds, organic black pepper, organic clove buds, other natural flavoring (vanilla).
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Customer Reviews (15)   Write a review


I was given a sample to try from a friend and absolutely loved it. Went online that day and had to buy!

3/28/15  |  Jennifer, Ocean Isle Beach, U.S. Territories

My absolute FAVORITE

My absolute FAVORITE! Not only is it delicious but the aroma is captivating.

1/23/15  |  Krystal, Oklahoma City, OK

Coconut Chai Latte

I was given some of your tea bags as a gift, and just jumped online today to order more. Very disappointed to see that this tea is no longer available in bags, but only as loose tea. I only use the bags, so unfortunately I won't be able to have any more of this tea. Very, very disappointing, as it is a wonderful tea!

12/20/14  |  Sally, Pittsburgh, PA

Bring back the teabags

This tea is insanely good but why on earth did you discontinue the boxes of individual tea bags? You've done that for several of the teas and its really a BAD idea. You need to bring that back asap. If your camping, traveling or in an office situation you cant be dealing with loose tea... You need to bring back the tea bags NOW

11/9/14  |  martha, Anchorage, AK

Very Smooth

If you love coconut this is a great tea for you. The coconut flavor is smooth and creamy. The spice notes are muted, but still present. This is a very good tea if you prefer your chai to be mild, not spicy.

1/31/14  |  Debra, Edmonton, Canada

Love it!!

I received the coconut sampler as a gift and coconut chai latte was the first tea I tried. I love the smell and the flavor. I'm addicted! I make a large thermos to take to work everyday and I'm sad when I empty it. I add sugar and milk after seeping for a full 5 minutes. This is my second time for ordering another canister this winter alone and it's only January!

1/26/14  |  Kathy, Beloit, WI

Try with creamer!

I received samples of this tea with the Tea Forte Coconut Teas Tea Brewing System. I hated this when I first tried it- I'm not sure what it was that put me off about it, but I took a sip of it black, then added whole milk but no sugar. The second time I tried it, I decided to add some all-natural hazelnut creamer, and it is just divine! I think it needs just a touch of sweetness to pull all the flavors together. I'm going to place an order for the full tin this time! Just one thing to note- I may have kept my tea steeping for too long the first time, but the second steeping is far weaker than the first. It's still aromatic, just not as satisfying. Even still, I love this tea!!!

10/2/13  |  Toni, Pacific Northwest, WA

Just add AGAVE Nectar

I received this as a gift. I had never tried chai tea before. tried with sugar. pretty good. tried with milk. ok. tried hot & cold.. it was good, but not anything special. Then, i got some Agave nectar. decided to try it.. Yummy!! steep 3 minutes and stir in 1 TBSP agave.. i'm so addicted!

7/26/13  |  amy , rock hill, SC

I love this!

I love this chai. I love coconut so recently ordered 2 different coconut flavors. Both were good though this was better for the winter season. Very good with milk.

1/20/13  |  Ingrid, Groton, CT

Not what I expected

I love Chai tea and I love coconut so I thought for sure that I would love this. However, it fell short of my expectations. But I only tried it once and did not have milk on hand.

12/13/12  |  Laura, Maynard, MA

Ahhh...So Very Pleased

I was nervous as I spooned the tea into the filter...its sweet smell is deceiving (thankfully for me). This tea is wonderfully creamy and the smell after steeping, combined with its WONDERFUL flavor is so very nice on the senses. I've been trying to find a coconut chai for awhile now...and never want to run out of it again!

8/21/12  |  Sarah, Madison, WI

Not too shabby...

Just finished my first glass of the Coconut Chai Latte. I added a lttle cream and sugar (hardcore coffee drinker here, trying to make a change) and it was pretty darn nice.

5/26/12  |  Justin, Kabul, VA

Strong and sweet

This tea is full-flavored and maybe not for everyone. I love strong flavors and very spicy foods and this tea really hits a sweet spot for me. LOVE it.

3/1/12  |  Jennifer, Los Gatos, CA

It's wonderful

I love this tea! I'm not even a big tea drinker but it has wonderful flavor and a creamy texture. It does have a different smell and taste but I find it delightful!

3/1/12  |  Denise, Frederick, MD


I can't put my finger on it, but this tastes odd. There seems to be a strong ginger overtone and the flavors don't blend well.

2/6/12  |  ALANNA , Chicago, IL

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