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chocolate rose tea

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An indulgent naturally sweet cup of rose tea with a deep chocolate taste and pleasing floral finish. Perfect to rejuvenate your day, or to luxuriate in a as an after-dinner indulgence. Enhance with a splash of milk.
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Chocolate Rose Tea

Customer Reviews

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser |4 of 5 stars

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes,  208°F 

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


Fair Trade Certified™ organic black tea, organic cocoa husk, natural chocolate flavor, organic rose petals, natural rose flavor

Caffeine Level



Fair Trade Certified, Kosher Certified, USDA Organic

Fair Trade Certified Kosher Certified USDA Organic
Chocolate Rose Tea
Organic cocoa husk from Bolivia, Organic rose petals from Iran.

Did You Know?

Rose hip tea contains high levels of vitamin C which helps the body fight off colds and flu germs and viruses. The rose hip fruit contains more vitamin C levels than fresh citrus fruits, like oranges or grapefruits.

More Info

Complex and assertive, black teas are the most consumed of all the teas. Black tea goes through four stages of production – withering, rolling, oxidation and drying/firing. This process results in a penetrating, intense taste and contains more caffeine than less oxidized teas. With a focus on quality, Tea Forté only seeks out small gardens dedicated to quality and sustainable practices, to protect and benefit the people and the land. Searching and sampling, Tea Forté selects large, well-shaped, leaves that are hand processed and carefully crafted, a laborious and time consuming task that requires patience and a passion for our offerings of exquisite black tea.

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Loose Tea Pouch

chocolate rose tea loose tea pouch

20-25 servings

Noir Loose Tea Canister

chocolate rose tea noir loose tea canister

35-50 servings

medium tin noir

noir medium tin

one pyramid infuser each: Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose, Black Cherry, Caramel Nougat. Two pyramid infusers each Peach Brulee.


petite ribbon box noir

noir petite ribbon box

two pyamid infusers each: Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose, Caramel Nougat, Black Cherry, Peach Brulee


ribbon box noir

noir ribbon box

four pyramid infusers each: Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose, Caramel Nougat, Black Cherry and Peach Brulee


single steeps noir

noir single steeps

three each of the following: Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose, Caramel Nougat, Black Cherry and Peach Brûlée


small tin noir

noir small tin

one pyramid infuser each: Chocolate Rose, Black Cherry


tea brewing gift sets noir

noir tea brewing gift sets

Includes ten Single Steeps Loose Tea Pouches of: Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Caramel Nougat, Chocolate Rose, Peach Brulée - Includes Cranberry Red KATI Cup


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Customer Reviews (8) Write a review

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser 2nd Favorite

I LOVE this tea. The rose scent is very relaxing. This is my second favorite after sweet orange spice.

05/31/15 | tara, Wilmington, OH

infuser infuser infuser infuser Wasn't sure at first, now it's a winner

At first I thought the rose smell and taste was too strong, but with a bit of milk, this tea is smooth and really good.

04/17/15 | Julie, Boston, USA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Love this tea

This tea has a yummy fragrance, and smooth finish. I look forward to this tea every morning :)

01/12/15 | Corey, Santa Cruz, CA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Intoxicating

I received a single steep of this tea as a gift. I was hesitant as I'm not a flavoured tea fan but... oh my; this was heavenly. The aroma and flavour is so delicate and soothing. Absolutely intoxicating. It'll be in my staples for sure.

12/29/14 | Pamela, Millbrook, Canada

infuser infuser infuser Chocolate

Enjoyable, but I'm not going to crave it the way I crave plain ol' Darjeeling tea. Doesn't taste like soap! It's a very distinct mocha flavor finished with a sweet floral note. Definitely recommend for those who like chocolate flavors.

01/14/14 | Angela, Parkersburg, WV

infuser infuser On the Fence

I purchased the single steeps sampler (which I love being able to try loose teas this way!) When I opened the packet I smelled the roses immediately. The chocolate is a slight note behind it. I was hesitant to take a sip because the aroma of the roses is slightly overpowering. I will say it is an interesting cup of tea. If you like a floral tea than this is a tea for you. I feel like the chocolate flavor gets lost with the roses.

12/17/13 | Lynn, Upstate, NY

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Yummy

I taste deep, dark, creamy chocolate. I do not feel this is perfumey or soapy at all! I like the rich, desert- like flavor any time of day.

12/07/13 | Susan, Woburn, MA

infuser Roses are lovely...

… but I wouldn't want to drink them! This unfortunate brew tastes like guest soap!

11/09/13 | ALANNA , Chicago, IL