Caramel Nougat

Black Tea

AWARD WINNER: at the North American Tea Championships
A confectionary cup with the taste of sweet nougat.

Kosher Certified | USDA Organic

Tasting Notes

Flavor: sweet, with hints of caramel and almond
Aroma: nutty and sweet
Color: golden
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Caramel Nougat
Caramel Nougat

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Caramel Nougat

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Caramel Nougat

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Tea Type : Black Tea

Tea Forte’s award-winning Caramel Nougat black tea tantalizes the palette with flavors of creamy caramel and toasted hazelnut balanced by a light note of fruit. Recognized at the 2015 North American Tea Championship, Caramel Nougat is a unique dessert tea perfect for post-dinner conversation or for an indulgent cup anytime. Ingredients include organic black tea sourced from small, sustainable tea gardens, organic orange peel, organic marigold flowers and natural flavors of caramel and hazelnut. Caramel Nougat is part of Tea Forte’s Noir collection, featuring teas made from first flush Assam black tea leaves that offers a deep, robust steep even coffee-purists will enjoy. An awakening caramel tea with nutty aromas, Caramel Nougat is Kosher Certified and USDA organic.

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  • Steeping instructions

    1. Heat water to 208˚F.
    2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.
    3. Steep for 3-5 minutes.
    4. Enjoy!

    For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.

    Tasting Notes

    Flavor: sweet, with hints of caramel and almond
    Aroma: nutty and sweet
    Color: golden


    • Organic black tea
    • Organic orange peel
    • Natural flavors
    • Organic marigold flowers

    Caffeine Content (Mg)

    0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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    1. Lauren S.
      Verified Buyer

      Creamy, decadent & delicious

      Like dessert in a cup! Delicious any time of day and such an indulgent treat with sweetener and almond milk.

      01/05/21 | Miami Beach, FL
    2. Marie Z.
      Verified Buyer

      caramel nougat

      did not like the tea at all. very fake artificial taste. guessI will stay with strong black tea.

      11/15/20 | Winthrop, MA
    3. Michele C.
      Verified Buyer

      Caramel Nougat

      An ok tea, but not a favorite of mine. It possesses a little harsh note that I can't put my finger on. It tastes more like nougat than caramel, and has a slight bitter overtone. I will blend with another tea to balance out the flavor.

      11/07/20 | University Place, WA
    4. Kellee J.
      Verified Buyer

      Amazing Flavor!

      I drink all my tea black, this tea flavor is rich and smooth! I just wish is was available in the pyramid diffusers!

      09/16/20 | LYNDONVILLE, VT
    5. Gaye B.
      Verified Buyer

      My all time favorite

      I absolutely love the Caramel Nougat tea. It is rich and the flavor is the perfect start to the day. Has a good amount of caffeine too. At one point Tea Forte ran out and I had to try other tea that was advertised a "caramel." I tried 2 or 3 and none were as good. I love the natural taste.

      09/03/20 | Santa Ana, CA
    6. Evelyn R.
      Verified Buyer

      One of my favorites

      I love this tea, so good!

      09/03/20 | Charlotte, NC
    7. Claudia B.
      Verified Buyer

      very interesting

      Can definitely taste all the many different flavors. I 1st had it hot & the more I sipped, the more it grew on me. So if your 1st sip is questionable, give it a few more sips before judging it. I am going to try it iced but haven't done so yet.

      09/02/20 | Maumee, OH
    8. trisha k.
      Verified Buyer

      An after dinner dessert treat!

      Love this tea paired with a double chocolate mug cake or peach/strawbwerry fresh fruit tort. Just add the whipped cream!

      09/02/20 | ARVADA, CO
    9. Jennifer M.
      Verified Buyer

      Afternoon Delight!

      Great afternoon cup for the 3:30pm doldrums. Add a touch of honey and it’s better than any sugary snack could ever match!

      09/02/20 | Glenside, PA
    10. Brenda G.
      Verified Buyer

      If Not TF Earl Grey-Then Caramel Nougat

      This tea is delicious. A touch of honey brings out its natural sweetness and a little milk tops it off perfectly. I am an Earl Grey snob but if I want something different this is the tea I reach for. I don't drink coffee but I would think that someone who loves flavored coffee would enjoy this tea.

      09/02/20 | San Antonio, TX
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