• Jacqueline R.
    Verified Buyer

    Disappointing strawberry hibiscus

    The tea has a wonderful aroma before steeping but loses that scent once steeped. There is no strawberry flavour to the tea despite allowing extra time to steep. There is an abundance of heavy green leaves that overpower the entire taste of the tea. I am very disappointed in this product.

    07/30/19 | Oshawa, Canada
  • Frances T.

    A Light Tea

    I noticed the wonderful strawberry scent before I even opened the canister. While the scent is STRAWBERRY I found the favor to be - strawberry - a more subtle version. I tried it with just a drop of honey and actually didn't like it. I much prefer the tea on its own. I imagine it will be great this summer as an iced tea as another option.

    04/07/19 | Burr Ridge, IL
  • Joanne S.

    A lovely alternative to my matcha

    Tea Forte's matcha (all flavors) is my morning tea of preference, but after one sip of this strawberry hibiscus tea I knew it would be a lovely change of pace for an afternoon cup, and perfect for spring/summer months. When I opened the canister the sweet smell of strawberries was amazing. And when I made my first cup, steeping the fragrant buds in my Jardin Kati steeping cup, I couldn't help but slow down and savor the experience. The tea is fragrant, bright, full of flavor and smooth. I see why it is a global award-winner.

    04/09/19 | Denver, CO
  • Rebecca M.

    Delicious and Highly Aromatic

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the canister was the wonderful smell of strawberries. The strawberry pairs well with the oolong tea and after drinking my first cup, I immediately brewed another it was so delicious!

    04/08/19 | Dixon, IL
  • Nancy M.

    Wonderful iced

    This is a wonderful addition of the tea forte collection. I enjoyed it hot and iced(preferred it iced) No artificial flavor taste. My only wish is that is was an herbal blend so my 9 year old daughter who loves tea could drink it consistently.

    06/03/19 | Milwaukee, WI
  • Laurie S.

    Another creative and delightful blend

    Another creative blend from Tea Forte. Immediately upon opening the can, you see the quality of the tea. The delicately curled up leaves mixed with the dried strawberries give you a visual , and the fragrant aroma lets you know that something wonderful is coming. It is a fruity, sweet tea that is very unique. Either hot or iced, it is a fun and welcoming blend of tea. Be careful not to steep too long or it can get bitter. All of the teas that Tea Forte makes are of the highest quality and the new products never cease to impress me.

    04/16/19 | San Marcos, USA
  • Isabel A.


    Nice oolong with flora and fruit notes. Yum.

    04/30/19 | Brunswick, ME