• James A.
    Verified Buyer

    Not for Beginners.

    Must like tea and have some idea as to what to the experience will be prior to trying.

    02/20/19 | MIDLAND, MI
  • Mary N.
    Verified Buyer

    matcha tea

    I really enjoy the smooth strong taste of the matcha tea. It was my first time using matcha and I will try some of the other flavors as well.

    02/11/19 | Lone Tree, CO
  • Colleen M.
    Verified Buyer

    A new experience for me but enjoyed it.

    Having a cup of matcha has become a great way to start my day

    09/09/19 | Voorhees, NJ
    Verified Buyer

    Good but not ceremonial quality

    Flavor is what you expected-Matcha. Not bright green as ceremonial quality Matcha yet as pricy.

    08/20/19 | Los Alamitos, CA
  • Ailiya D.
    Verified Buyer

    Very authentic.

    08/30/19 | Chicago, IL
  • Jihong K.
    Verified Buyer


    08/20/19 | Brooklyn, NY
  • Frances T.

    A great tea with all the expected benefits

    I really enjoyed Tea Forte’s Pure Matcha. It’s gave me a genuine boost of energy to get me going in the morning and helped me sustain that pick-me-up feeling until lunch without any caffeine-like jitters. A few things I’ll note though - I drink “regular” Jasmine green tea regularly and that may be why I like this so much. If you aren’t familiar with the flavor of plain green tea, then Pure Matcha might be too much too fast. It is STRONG in flavor. Per the instructions, this is a tea that you whisk with the water (or milk) and then drink. These are not leaves that you put in a tea strainer which might explain at least part of the strong taste. The canister is small, but that is because of the cost to produce a matcha tea of this quality. I believe Tea Forte was trying to keep it in line with their other teas in terms of pricing. If this is for yourself, that’s not an issue. If you are giving it as a gift, just be aware of the sizing before you buy. This is a high-quality, great-tasting tea that seems to do everything that matcha tea promises to do - just be aware of the robust flavor of this variety if you are new to it.

    10/26/18 | Burr Ridge, IL
  • Joanne S.

    A 5 Star Matcha

    Since falling in love with ground matcha tea many years ago I've tried lots of brands. Tea Forte pure matcha is by far one of the best. It's smooth, not bitter like some matchas, and rewards the senses in so many other ways with its rich green color and beautiful aroma. The Tea Forte flavored matchas are all worth trying, but this pure matcha is exceptional just on its own.

    10/27/18 | Denver, CO
  • Nancy M.

    smooth flavor

    I found it to be very smooth in flavor. I drink it as a latte. I like almost all types of tea without any sweetener but for some reason i really enjoy the matcha as a latte. It is very fine and does not seem to clump after running it through my sifter like other quality brands i have purchased

    11/29/18 | milwaukee, WI
  • Kathryn R.

    A Great Matcha!

    We loved this tea. It's a rich, smooth matcha flavor. Definitely strong, but in the way matcha should be, If you like matcha, you are sure to like this tea!

    11/01/18 | Chicago, IL
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