• Justin P.
    Verified Buyer

    It tasted good but...

    The taste itself is really good but with the price tag it seems it should be more than it is.

    02/20/19 | Richmond, IN
  • anna M.
    Verified Buyer

    Great tasting

    Tastes great, a bit expensive for a small jar of matcha. But really it is a fine powder with great taste

    02/18/19 | ENCINO, CA
  • Jennifer M.
    Verified Buyer

    Matcha Love!

    I really never had green matcha tea before, but this got me hooked! It’s delicious with a slight spiciest/heat as goes down, which I love.

    02/18/19 | Woodbury, CT
  • Betty Z.
    Verified Buyer

    It was a bit sweet. I don’t like sweetener in my tea

    02/10/19 | Mission Hills, CA
  • Cynthia S.
    Verified Buyer

    Nice flavor

    02/10/19 | Florence, AL
  • mitchell c.
    Verified Buyer

    Very good with coconut almond milk in frothing pot.

    02/10/19 | SENECA, SC
  • Shawna H.

    Heaven in a cup!

    I love the flavor of chai and I love the benefits of green tea and this delicious cup gives me both! The cinnamon and ginger notes are more prominent if you use only water instead of adding coconut milk or cream but using those won't make the deliciousness go away either. The matcha blends beautifully and quickly. I use the matcha set that I bought from Tea Forte to measure, mix and drink my matcha. The quality of the bamboo whisk is really great.

    12/07/18 | Las Vegas, NV
  • Nancy M.

    great chai match

    I enjoy this with milk and occasionally a bit of natural vanilla sweetener. I have tried other chai matcha brands and this is the best one i have found.

    11/29/18 | milwaukee, WI
  • Kathryn R.

    Great Combo

    We loved this combination of chai and matcha. It has all the warm earthiness of a good matcha, which just a little chai spice, and great aroma. Beautifully balanced and easy to drink,

    11/01/18 | Chicago, IL
  • Frances T.

    Wonderful Chai Aroma

    The first thing you notice about this matcha flavor is the wonderful aroma - a great way to start the day! For matcha lovers, this is a great choice and so full of the chai flavoring. If you're new to matcha and the strong green tea taste, this might be a good option as the chai dominates. I've tried this with water and with coconut milk - both are good in their own way. It would be about personal preference as the milk tamps down the overall taste. The only drawback I found was that sugar is already added. I prefer teas without sugar and controlling the sweetness on my own. If you're shopping for holiday gifts, be sure to note the size of the canister. Matcha is a fantastic tea option but pricey and the canister may not be the size you would expect. Enjoy!

    10/29/18 | Burr Ridge, IL
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