• Margaret M.
    Verified Buyer

    More tea

    I love Single Steeps and often get two cups from one envelope. I bought the assortment to get Ginger Snap. Lucious.

    07/09/19 | Bellingham, WA
  • victoria p.
    Verified Buyer

    I Love This Tea, As Do My Friends

    There is no better tea than brewed loose tea, and Tea Forte has excellent quality and variety. This box of measured teas is a perfect gift for my tea loving friends, and it is so beautifully packaged. I also love the convenience of ordering on-line with fast, free shipping.

    08/24/18 | san diego, CA
  • Michael R.
    Verified Buyer

    A Great Way to Sample a Variety of Teas

    I'm new to the Tea Forte scene, (coming from the recently closed brick and mortar loose leaf tea store). And like other websites I visited, there are too many choices to try and get a handle on. So I ordered 4 different single steeps assortment packs (black, green, lotus, sip-scriptions). I enjoyed all of the different teas and every assortment had at least 2 teas that I liked. If I were to rate the four assortments for my preference it would be 1) Lotus 2) Green 3) Sip-scriptions and 4) Black. That's not to say the black teas were bad, just that I enjoyed the other ones a little more.

    08/19/18 | Gurnee, IL