• Erica O.

    My favorite iced tea

    This makes the most refreshing iced tea I've ever had. I like to oversteep it and pour it hot over a tumbler of ice then top it off with cold water and a sprig of mint. I easily go through two canisters per summer, sometimes three if I have a lot of guests over.

    07/28/20 | Castle Rock, CO
  • Lizbeth L.

    My Favorite

    I love this as iced tea. I like to put slices of cucumber in a pitcher full of tea. It’s perfect to quench your thirst! I really wish it was sold in the bag!!

    04/25/20 | Mason, OH
  • Aida M.
    Verified Buyer

    good with different flavors

    this is different and has stronger flavor

    04/21/20 | HUNTSVILLE, AL
  • Carolyn B.
    Verified Buyer


    As long as you don't over steep this blend, the smell and taste are wonderful on a cold night.

    03/20/20 | LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL
  • Dixie A.
    Verified Buyer

    This one I just love the freshness of it and then the light mint really sets it up for a delight when I am in need of a pick- me- up.

    03/08/20 | Latimer, IA
  • Tamara E.
    Verified Buyer

    Good breakfast tea

    02/25/20 | Riverdale, MD
  • Jolanta K.
    Verified Buyer

    Not a keeper

    I had high hopes for this one. As a iced tea didn’t work for me.

    02/22/20 | Melbourne, FL
  • Katherine C.
    Verified Buyer

    Great taste

    Love the mixture

    02/22/20 | Suffolk, VA
  • Rebecca B.
    Verified Buyer


    A very delicious tea.

    02/16/20 | AUBURN, CA
  • Deborah M.
    Verified Buyer

    My first Tea Forte tea

    I first tasted this tea as part of the Skin Smart (since discontinued) collection. It's very refreshing and light.

    02/14/20 | Boulder, CO
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