• Carolyn G.
    Verified Buyer

    Raspberry Nectar

    First tasted at relatives home. Has become a standard.

    06/19/19 | Coventry, RI
  • Shaun O.
    Verified Buyer

    My favorite dessert

    This tea is so delicious! With a spoonful of Amber Tea Sugar it tastes to me like mixed berry pie filling flavors! So good and satisfies my sweet tooth.

    06/15/19 | Lancaster, CA
  • Julia M.
    Verified Buyer

    So disappointed! Not like it used to be.

    I bought this tea at a local store in Canada many years ago and it was one of the few teas my boyfriend absolutely loved. It was so juicy and delicious! So when we ran out, I tried to find it in stores again, and couldn't. All the shop owners said "Tea Forte has raised their prices so it's too expensive to stock now." So I went online to order this tea and paid the shipping because I thought it was worth it for this delicious tea. Well, it arrived in its sleek new black packaging, and we brewed a couple cups. Yuck!! It tastes nothing like it did before!! It's not juicy at all, it just tastes bland and weird. We are very disappointed and will have to try some other brands to find a suitable juicy replacement. :(

    06/09/19 | Toronto, Canada
  • Nicole N.
    Verified Buyer

    Too Sour/Too Much Licorice For My Taste

    This herbal blend wasn’t what I had expected from the description. I was looking for a fruity herbal tea, and while fresh out of the can this tea smells great I couldn’t work with it after it steeped. The smell hit my nose as I went for a drink, sour notes and I think the licorice turned me off right away. When I took a sip the sour and licorice together were too strong for my taste. But I learned something about my personal preferences, to avoid licorice, so not a total loss. I’m sure plenty of others will enjoy this herbal blend, but I continue on my search.

    04/05/19 | New Harmony, IN
  • Thuyhanh N.
    Verified Buyer


    Enjoyed it. Fruity

    03/14/19 | Santa Ana, CA
  • Sue Z.
    Verified Buyer

    Rich round raspberry

    Great pick up with no caffeine

    03/01/19 | Simpsonville, SC
  • Sandra W.
    Verified Buyer

    Wintery, warm deep flavors

    02/22/19 | Philadelphia, PA
  • Pamela S.
    Verified Buyer


    My Daughters favorite!

    02/20/19 | Wilmington, DE
  • Barbara D.
    Verified Buyer

    Awesome Tea

    This tea is the best ever. I love tea but i’n Very picky. Everything about this tea is truly amazing. It’s elegant and beautiful. So excited to have been introduced to this tea. Thank you Tea Forté

    02/20/19 | 60169, IL
  • Bruce B.
    Verified Buyer

    A Liquid Raspberry Jam

    This herbal tea is bursting with pleasing fruit flavor. Both the aroma and taste are such a pleasure.

    02/19/19 | Warrington, PA
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