• Kathryn R.

    A little light sunscreen?

    This is our least favorite of TeaForte's matcha combinations (which we generally enjoyed). Something about the coconut just didn't work with the matcha flavor. One of my friends described it as tasting like sunscreen. While I don't taste sunscreen myself, I can understand what she meant.

    11/01/18 | Chicago, IL
  • Ashley R.
    Verified Buyer


    Not a fan - I wanted to like it but the flavor just isn't for me - Im sure it is delicious to the right palette :)

    09/17/19 | San Jose, CA
  • Lynn F.

    Very Mild Coconut Flavor

    I am very new to Matcha teas and having said that, this was only my second cuppa. I tried this flavor with water instead of milk. It has more of a green tea flavor to me than coconut, with a slight after taste. Not unpleasant, just an acquired taste I think. For the Matcha tea connoisseur this should be a selection.

    10/25/18 | Bonanza, OR
  • Frances T.

    Coconut Lovers Should Give This a Try

    This matcha blend has a notable coconut flavor and if made with coconut milk, it really brings that out while tamping down the green tea/matcha. Out of all the matcha blends at Tea Forte, this is probably my least favorite but that's mostly because coconut isn't my first choice of flavors in general. Some people have noted the coconut is subtle, but I found it to be fairly strong. The matcha benefits are wonderful, though, and it gives me a nice kick of energy without jitters. If you're new to matcha, be sure to follow the directions and realize that this will have a definite green tea undertone. Also, it already has sugar added but doesn't have a sweet taste to it beyond what you would expect with the coconut. The set of flavors will make a great holiday gift for tea-loving friends and the canisters are really cute!

    11/01/18 | Burr Ridge, IL
  • Rebecca M.

    Pleasant coconut aroma

    I mixed 1 tsp Coconut Matcha with 5 oz hot water and whisked the tea until it was frothy - it had a pleasant coconut aroma. I then added a little milk and a dash of vanilla syrup, which made a rich, satisfying drink.

    10/26/18 | Dixon, IL
  • Mary D.

    Love it!

    This is my favorite matcha blend with a light coconut taste. It is especially good when made with coconut water!

    11/25/18 | Boston, ME
  • Donna S.
    Verified Buyer


    Great, rich flavor. I mix with almond or coconut milk.

    08/23/19 | Burr Ridge, IL
  • Joanne S.

    Matcha + Coconut....Heaven!

    One of the best organic matcha teas I've ever tasted combined with just the right amount of coconut. The Tea Forte single serves are a great way to experience all 5 blends (makes a lovely gift too). All the flavors are wonderful and well-balanced. - and now it's comforting to have these 30g canisters available so that I don't need to run out of my personal favorites.

    10/27/18 | Denver, CO
  • Nancy M.

    great coconut flavor

    I found the flavor to be very suttle and not at all like a sunscreen as previously indicated by another customer. I love coconut and have definitely had products with an off taste because of the imitation flavoring. I think for some the smell of coconut (my daughter is one of these people) triggers the thought of sunscreen. don't be afraid to try it. I found it to be quite good with regular milk and also with a small amount of coconut milk.

    11/29/18 | milwaukee, WI
  • Jennifer M.
    Verified Buyer

    Favorite go to matcha!

    This is such a delightful matcha, very coconut forward, delicious! I even add some to my green matcha protein shake, adds a whole new flavor profile to it. My morning go to!

    08/27/19 | Woodbury, CT
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