• Colleen P.
    Verified Buyer

    Not a fan

    I love Matcha and love chocolate and thought this was going to be great, especially after reading the reviews. The Matcha got lost in the chocolate and the chocolate did not make up for that. I was disappointed and will stick with just "Matcha" from now on.

    08/20/19 | Davie, FL
  • Robert R.
    Verified Buyer

    Very Tasty.

    08/30/19 | Erie, PA
  • Mackenzie W.

    Might Convert Me

    I am not a green tea drinker by nature. I grew up on black or rooibos and so that's what I've stuck with. But this one just might convert me to green. It's not as over powering as other greens I've tried and make THE BEST latte I think I will ever have.

    10/30/18 | Grand Forks, ND
  • Kathryn R.

    Tasty, but subtle

    We enjoyed this tea, and found it tasty. While it smells strongly of chocolate, the actual chocolate flavor is pretty light. We were definitely expecting something stronger. While the mild chocolate flavor goes well with the matcha, we were split on whether we'd prefer a stronger flavor, of if a stronger flavor would overpower the matcha.

    11/01/18 | Chicago, IL
  • Anna P.
    Verified Buyer

    More chocolate than matcha - very tasty with milk

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift and he really likes it! It's good to note that it's flavor is much more chocolate than matcha, so we've found we like mixing it in with milk more than water.

    02/14/20 | Franklin, TN
  • Paula V.
    Verified Buyer

    Nice but not enough.

    I was expecting a richer chocolate flavor. Have to add double the portion to get the desired flavor which only gives me a few servings.

    02/18/19 | Stamford, CT
  • Lynn F.

    First Experience with Matcha

    Never having tried Matcha tea before today, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I received all five flavors to have a selection for my palette to pick from. I tried the chocolate first and in the latte form (use 1/2 n 1/2 and milk combination). It was creamy, but had a bit of an after taste, but again, I have no basis for what it should taste like. I will try again, but with water only so I can compare. It wasn’t unpleasant, just different. I am sure, like everything new, it will be an acquired taste. I will review all the other flavors over this next week.

    10/22/18 | Bonanza, OR
  • Iryna K.
    Verified Buyer

    High quality

    I just started drinking matcha tea and this particular one is very good, rich and high quality.

    08/30/19 | brooklyn, NY
  • Frances T.

    A wonderful option for people new to matcha

    You can definitely taste the chocolate in this tea although the added flavoring isn’t overpowering. I tried it with water and another time with coconut milk. I preferred the plain water version, but that’s just personal preference. If you’re trying matcha for all the benefits, then this would be a good place to start as matcha can be a strong flavor if you’re new to it, and everyone likes chocolate, right? As you prepare your tea, keep in mind that this already has sugar added.

    10/26/18 | Burr Ridge, IL
  • Joanne S.

    Superb Organic Matcha with a touch of decadence

    Tea Forte is a master in finding the perfect balance in all its matcha tea blends. High quality organic matcha (one of the best, in my opinion) combined with flavors that don't over-power. The chocolate blend is smooth and satisfying. Single serve matcha tea makes a lovely gift for matcha lovers. And now having 30g canisters of all these lovely blends means we never have to run out of our personal favorites. Thank you Tea Forte.

    10/27/18 | Denver, CO
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