Verified Buyer

    I can't imagine this winning best taste for herbal blend

    12/28/18 | VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
  • Bethany S.

    Too much sage, not enough blueberry.

    I was very disappointed with the flavor of this tea. I love blueberries, and this tastes nothing like them. If the flavor profile could be changed I would try this one again.

    05/14/14 | Madison, WI
  • MARY G.
    Verified Buyer

    I was so excited to receive this tea

    I have been buying tea from Tea Forte for years and my mom before me. Neither one of us can drink the blueberry merlot. It says a touch of sage but that is all we can taste. The day we received it we instantly made our cups; such a disappointment. I sent a email that day to customer service and did not hear back.

    10/28/17 | Tunica, MS
  • Gina V.

    Very Disappointing Taste - Misnamed

    It tastes more like strong sage and moderate grape with a "wisp of" blueberry. Made me think of poultry seasoning.

    07/02/12 | Newport Beach, CA
  • Josiah R.
    Verified Buyer

    Not my cup of tea!

    While I recognize this may be some people's favorite I love the other flavors I own like ginger lemongrass, raspberry ganache, Belgian mint.. And feel it should be known that I am a tea enthusiast! This one tasted quite bad. Not sure if I got an off batch because the reviews are singing! But I felt like this was an odd mix of flavors. I took about 3 sips and it didn't get better on my pallet, if anything it got worse so I dumped it out and made a cup of ginger lemongrass! Pure heaven!!. :( wanted to love it! But like I said, to each their own!

    12/13/16 | Charlotte, NC
  • theresa p.

    smells like a blueberry pie, tastes gross

    Please to do not waste your money! I saw the award it received and decided to take a chance, and i lost. At first it smell delicious, and i thought, "ooh this will be good!" It literally tasted like sour hot wine... minus the alcohol, which i would need to drink a cup of this! Its just not good, plain and simple.

    09/10/13 | jacksonville, FL

    Sounds good, tastes bad

    This is the third tea I've tried from the Herbal Retreat box. The first two -- apricot amaretto and mojito marmalade-- were beyond delicious so I could not wait to try this one. Unfortunately, it tastes nothing like blueberries. It tastes bad. I've tried using sweetener, and not using sweetener. I'm very surprised this tea won some kind of award. My request to Tea Forte: Develop a blueberry tea that really tastes like blueberries and that can be enjoyed as much as the other teas in the box.

    09/10/12 | Chicago, IL

    Didn't like it

    I'm a big Tea Forte customer and a big Tea Forte fan. I couldn't wait to try this tea because of its award-winner status, but when I tried it the flavor was sour and very peculiar. The other teas in the Herbal Retreat box were excellent.

    09/20/12 | Chicago, IL
  • Tina T.

    smell bad, taste bad

    I have always been a big fan of Tea Forte and I especially love the herbal tea of Tea Forte. A very positive experience so far until we tried this award-winning tea. The hibiscus smell is way too sharp. A Disappointment to us.

    10/24/12 | Austin, TX
  • Anne V.
    Verified Buyer

    where's spiced ginger plum?

    Blueberry merlot has fresh fruit flavors and a beautiful appearance. But I remember Spiced Ginger Plum and that's still my favorite. Is it a seasonal tea? If so, I can't wait to order it again. In the meantime the single steeps chest introduced me to Harvest Apple Spice and the wonderful warming baking spices won me over.

    10/10/17 | Huntington Beach, CA
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