• Cindy B.

    "Light and mellow"

    "Light and mellow with a smoothness that is soothing. The most delicate of green teas forms a base for this blend which has slight whispery notes of flowers and citrus. The flavoring on this tea is extremely light, so it tastes more like a hint of roses behind a slightly tangy background." <p>Read the full detailed review at: <a href="http://www.teareviewblog.com/?p=5567" target="_blank">www.teareviewblog.com</a>

    09/30/09 | Webmaster Tea Forté, MA
  • Maria H.

    Not the same any more

    I tried oasis in a small assortment box in 2016. I fell in love with its smell. However, since then I have ordered it twice. It is not the same. That delicate flower smell is not there any more. I don;t know what they have changed. It also tastes a bit bitter.

    01/10/19 | Akron, USA
  • Amber H.

    Summer tea

    Smooth, lemon, floral, and yes, green tea. I usually do not love green tea, but this is a very satisfying concoction. Can be bitter if brewed too long, so keep it on the one to two minute side.

    05/17/09 | Chicago, IL

    Really Good Stuff

    I am only edging my way into green teas and this is a very good blend - you can actually taste the green tea as the sturdy undernote to the light citrus and sweetness which must come from the flowers. Well done!

    04/02/11 | Owego, NY
    Verified Buyer

    So great!

    I love it so much!

    10/27/18 | Portland, OR
  • Mylinda A.

    I normally steer clear of green teas

    I normally steer clear of green teas, but this one is great. Very delicate with a lemony taste. I have let it sit too long before, and it even tastes great cooled.

    05/21/09 | Cartersville, GA
  • November O.
    Verified Buyer

    Great tea

    Great tea

    02/09/17 | Kewsick, VA
  • Kristen B.

    Oasis Green Tea

    This is my favorite green tea of all time. I'll never drink anything else. I even take it with me when I go on vacation!!

    08/24/09 | Tampa, FL
  • Susan G.
    Verified Buyer


    This tea is so great I have several cups every morning now that I've given up drinking cranberry juice. The flavor is wonderful and I highly recommend!

    08/20/19 | Lincoln, NE
  • Amy S.

    Tasty Green Tea

    I got a sample of this in a birthday box and was surprised. I usually have a very strong physical negative reaction to green tea. My husband doesn't care for green tea, either, but I had him try it and he loved it. We always have an iced container of Oasis in the fridge now for him to take to work in his Starbucks cup (no more Starbucks tea runs before work) or for working out in the yard. We like it brewed strong.

    02/02/13 | Seattle, WA
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