• Emily P.

    New blend is terrible

    I used to buy Good Earth tea and they changed their formula too many times and it became horrible - I searched for a long time before finding the Sweet Orange tea that was really similar - I loved it and would buy a few cans at a time. I am so disappointed with the tea now - had to wait a long time for the new canisters (which is really ugly and hard to get the lid off of). This tea tastes like cheap, bagged tea - that has no cinnamon flavor and an awful orange flavor that lingers and a weird tang to it. I would not recommend this to anyone and won't buy it again (now I'm stuck with 2 canisters).

    02/23/18 | Los Angeles, CA
  • Christy W.

    Do Not Like This New Formulation

    I have purchased Sweet Orange Spice in the old canister and formulation for a long time now. My supermarket stopped carrying it so I ordered it from Amazon and Tea Forte. I do not like this new formulation at all. I don’t understand why you can’t carry both formulations. In my opinion, the old formulation has more of a cinnamon spice flavor that I love! This formulation is too sweet.

    11/23/18 | Rockwall, TX
  • Joni J.

    What a Disappointment!

    Tea Forte's Sweet Orange Spice WAS my favorite tea. After months of waiting for the new packaging transition, I was thrilled to receive the 6 canisters in the mail. Sadly, my anticipation for my first cup of tea quickly waned when I opened the canister and had a whiff of the contents. Immediately, I could tell the tea wasn't the same blend. I've tried numerous orange spiced teas and they all rely heavily on cloves for spice with a hint of cinnamon. Tea Forte's blend had a lovely combination of orange and cinnamon that always elicited comments when I drank the tea at work. This new tea blend tastes like all the others, which is a shame. I do hope comments from other loyal Sweet Orange Spice tea drinkers will convince the company to return to the old formula.

    02/24/18 | Falls Church, VA
  • Lori C.
    Verified Buyer

    New blend not to my taste

    Waited patiently for you to restock the Sweet Orange Spice and ordered several cans as it was my "go to" tea of choice. The new blend is simply not to my taste and I am very disappointed. I am mixing it with a different brand of cinnamon spice to use it up as I cannot drink it as is. I do wish you would bring the old blend back. I found some of the old on a different website and ordered those. The new packaging is not an improvement either - very difficult to open. I spilled it several times as the lid does not come off easily, then transferred the tea to a jar. I have to say failure all around.

    08/01/18 | Rhinelander, WI
  • Andrea H.

    New formulation disappoints, ordering from other tea suppliers now.

    New reformulation new as of 12/17 is a huge disappointment compared with the original blend. I was a huge tea forte fan. I found other flavors I liked to try because I had to re-order my Sweet Orange Spice. I am afraid I don’t have any reason to stay with Tea Forte now, and I’m ordering from another tea supplier. I was so desperate for the old formulation I ordered 8 while they had them on Amazon.

    06/24/18 | Sarasota, FL
  • Morgan H.
    Verified Buyer


    So gross.

    03/06/17 | Dallas, TX
  • Sharlene R.

    I used to love it but now I HATE the new formula

    This used to be my favorite tea ever until the formula was changed. When they changed the can they also changed the formula and I HATE the new formula. The old formula had a really pleasant spice and sweetness combination so I could drink it without sugar. The is just bland and bitter. Please, please bring back the old formula of this tea.

    03/15/18 | South Houston, TX
  • Gary G.
    Verified Buyer

    Quality decreased

    No need to give me a discount as will not be ordering any more of this Orange Spice Tea. Before your container change, this was my favorite tea - bought many, many, many containers of it (I drank it and gave away containers as gifts). I was very unhappy that it was not available for the longest time while you reworked your packaging. Unfortunately you also reworked the tea formula and it is no longer a tea I can or will drink, large chunks of orange are gone and spices are not anywhere near the same. Your attempt to cut corners and save a little on manufacturing is possibly going to put you out of business, like it has so many others in the past, who had a great product and got a little greedy and tried to make more profit by cutting back on quality and ingredients. Bottom line is - we both lose - I lose my all time favorite tea and you lose a customer.

    02/11/18 | Osoyoos, Canada
  • Randal D.


    I have yet to have a tea from Tea Forte that has much flavor. Great aroma but all taste like hot water. This one has an overwhelming cinnamon smell and not even a hint of orange. Again, tastes like hot water. Weird. I’m about to give up on these guys.

    01/04/20 | Houston, TX
  • Lori S.

    Extremely disappointed with change

    I too anxiously awaited the arrival of my long time favorite tea when it was out of stock for a very long period of time. When it became available I stocked up and ordered 8 canisters I immediately did not care for the new packaging. As soon as I opened the canister, I knew the tea wasn't the same. It looked and smelled very different than it used to. I kept an open mind, and was just excited to have a cup. Much to my dismay, the tea tasted nothing like it used to. It hardly had any flavor, and the flavor it did have was nothing like it used to be. It is NOT good. The old canisters were beautiful for gift giving (which I did often). The new canisters are not nearly as attractive, and are ridiculously difficult to get open. In addition, it contains only 3.88oz compared to the old canister which contained 4.58 oz and you are paying the same price.. Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY disappointed and sad that they have changed their tea. I can no longer recommend this tea. Tea Forte lost another loyal customer.

    02/20/18 | Endwell, USA
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