• Audra H.

    Sour Taste - Created a Stomach Ache

    Perhaps I got a bad batch because unlike many reviewers who adore this tea - I found that it smelled sour, once steeped the taste was like synthetic pear flavoring and the end result was that it made me nauseous, sick to my stomach. I tried this tea twice- once hot and once iced with unfortunately the same results. I know it's a hassle to return an open tea so I think this one will be hitting the trash bin.

    05/19/15 | Bismarck, ND
  • Diane W.

    For ginger lovers only

    White tea has a very delicate flavor, so I was expecting a subtle delicate flavor to this tea. However, this tea has a tremendous spicy bite to it. The ginger completely overpowers the delicate flavor of the white tea and the subtle pear notes.

    02/02/12 | LaGrange, KY
  • Aude R.

    Weird flavor

    This used to be my favorite tea, but this time around, it has a weird, perfume like flavor.

    11/04/18 | Rosemont, PA
  • Ji K.

    Maybe a bad batch?

    I am a tea lover. I love tea forte, and I have a good collection of tea forte tea. This was the first from this company that I didn't enjoy. This has really sour and artificial flavor- both for pear and ginger. I tried the tea hot and cold- didn't help. Too bad I have a whole canister of it that I do not intend to drink again. I just wish i had tried the sample before committing to a whole canister. Now I have to be careful with Tea Forte. Too bad.

    11/24/15 | Brooklyn, NY
  • Laurel L.
    Verified Buyer

    Really Tastes Floral

    Did not care for this at all; would not reorder it.

    08/18/19 | Saint Louis, MO
  • theresa p.

    It literally tastes like hot fruity pebbles

    I love a nice cup of tea in the afternoon or before bed, and considering the accolades i falsely assumed this tea would be exceptional. I was mistaken. It was way too sweet for my taste. However, i am not one to add sugar or sweetener to my tea, so perhaps if you prefer a sweet cup of tea this might be tasty, or if you typically don't like tea this would be a good place to start. For me, this was comparable to hot sugar juice...yuck

    09/10/13 | jacksonville, FL
  • Joan F.
    Verified Buyer

    Extremely Disappointed

    This is or I should say was our favorite tea. What has happened to it? I wish it looked like the picture. That is how it used to look. When we opened the container resembling a small oil drum, the tea had morphed into something found in the dregs of an expired tea tin that in no way spoke or smelled of Tea Forte. How sad that something of such high quality has been reduced to such poor quality. We bought two "drums" and both look pulverized - no leaves, no flowers and certainly no lovely tin. What has happened? Quality control is gone along with all the other attributes that made for a lovely tea. You must have been sold thus selling yourself out of a market that we have enjoyed for so long. We must look for another tea. I bet it's out there.

    01/24/19 | Northbrook, IL
  • Alison Y.
    Verified Buyer

    Not my favorite

    This is totally a personal preference issue, but the licorice root flavor was very overpowering. I couldn't taste much of anything else, unfortunately.

    08/20/18 | Lindon, UT
  • R. K.

    New recipe?

    I was originally gifted a sample of this tea and loved it so much that I had to order more. Unfortunately what I received in my order tasted very different. This tea is much heavier on the ginger than before and lighter on the pear. I barely make it through half a cup because of how strong the ginger is. I don't know if the blend has been intentionally changed or if I received an irregular batch. I've tried to contact Tea Forte customer service for answers but have received zero response. If you look at prior reviews you will find the the odd review here and there with the same complaints of a bad batch or changed recipe so I guess just know that you might be playing "tea roulette" when you order this.

    11/02/18 | Houston, TX

    Contains Licorice Root

    I brewed up a hot cup and wasn't impressed, I didn't realize this contained licorice root. The pear tasted fine. Just not my cup of tea.

    12/31/17 | Sacramento, CA
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