• Andrew W.

    still my favourite tea

    This was the original tea that introduced me to Tea Forte and after trying several of the others, it is still the best. Somehow, I found it tastes better in the cafe paired with a full breakfast, that is where it really shines. But it is still good on its own, or with a simple sandwich.

    07/11/19 | Singapore, Singapore
  • Lynda J.
    Verified Buyer


    Love this tea!

    03/27/19 | Crittenden, KY
  • Bozenna M.
    Verified Buyer

    Good balance.

    This tea has a good balance of vanilla and tea. Sometimes the vanilla can be cloyingly sweet, but this has a gentle flavor that enhances the black tea essence. I like this tea in the morning as well as a dessert after dinner.

    02/26/19 | TUSTIN, CA
  • Edmund S.
    Verified Buyer

    One of best vanilla teas you will ever drink!

    One of best vanilla teas you will ever drink! A companion with toast or a special breakfast treat.

    02/22/19 | Los Gatos, CA
  • Donna W.
    Verified Buyer

    Take a chance

    I took a chance on this tea and was not disappointed. I don't always like floral flavors but this one is a subtle blend. No one element over powers the others. You should try it!

    02/22/19 | Dover, NH
  • Megan S.
    Verified Buyer

    Really good afternoon tea.

    Bold taste, lovely aroma.

    02/21/19 | PORTLAND, OR
  • Karen L.
    Verified Buyer


    02/21/19 | Nutley, NJ
  • Linda C.
    Verified Buyer

    Lovely scent

    This blend is perfect for enjoying a great aroma while sipping.

    02/20/19 | Suffern, NY
  • Tamara E.
    Verified Buyer

    I really wanted to love this tea. I thought it sounded like an excellent cup to snuggle up with in winter. It is rich. And who doesn’t love vanilla? But, for me, the flavor is cloying. Even the smell doesn’t make me want to drink it. I don’t think that’s the vanilla, but whatever it is they’ve described as “orchid”. I’m not sure. But I won’t be buying it again. It’s not bad. I just don’t love it.

    02/20/19 | Riverdale, MD
  • Sherri K.
    Verified Buyer

    Received tea as a gift

    My sister gave me the Warming Joy collection of teas for a Hanukkah present as she knew I had already purchased a box of orchid vanilla and loved it. Every afternoon I send her a picture of the newest tea that I am going to try. One after the other I relax and enjoy the treasure trove of teas in the box. Absolutely the most incredible teas out there. Going to purchase another box as a gift for someone myself.

    02/20/19 | Marietta, GA
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