Roses are lovely...

    … but I wouldn't want to drink them! This unfortunate brew tastes like guest soap!

    11/09/13 | Chicago, IL
  • Nancie F.
    Verified Buyer

    Not a good combo

    I didn't care for this combination

    02/11/18 | Chicago, IL
  • Timothy M.

    No Chocolate Taste

    I probably would have liked this tea if I could have tasted any chocolate. However, I could not, which was a huge let down.

    07/27/17 | Kutztown, USA
  • Lynn H.

    On the Fence

    I purchased the single steeps sampler (which I love being able to try loose teas this way!) When I opened the packet I smelled the roses immediately. The chocolate is a slight note behind it. I was hesitant to take a sip because the aroma of the roses is slightly overpowering. I will say it is an interesting cup of tea. If you like a floral tea than this is a tea for you. I feel like the chocolate flavor gets lost with the roses.

    12/17/13 | Upstate, NY
  • Angela W.


    Enjoyable, but I'm not going to crave it the way I crave plain ol' Darjeeling tea. Doesn't taste like soap! It's a very distinct mocha flavor finished with a sweet floral note. Definitely recommend for those who like chocolate flavors.

    01/14/14 | Parkersburg, WV
  • Stacey W.
    Verified Buyer

    Drinking perfume

    Although Tea Forte has made a valiant effort this tea sadly falls into the pitfall many rose teas do in which the rose overwhelms everything. It's not a BAD tea. But by comparison to many of the others I'd give it a pass on buying it again.

    02/21/17 | SAN DIEGO, CA
  • Daniel S.
    Verified Buyer


    not too sweet

    02/28/18 | Chicago, IL
  • Philip A.
    Verified Buyer

    One of my favorites

    One of my favorites...give it a try!

    02/10/17 | Roanoke, TX
  • susan G.
    Verified Buyer

    Different for sure

    Out of all the teas I have bought this was my least favorite....... I only had one cup out of it..... plan on giving it to someone who will enjoy it...... didn't like the rose in it!

    08/21/18 | Spokane, WA
  • cheryl m.

    Great Combo Except The Rose Needs Fine Tuning

    This tea combination had great appeal, especially that it's organic, so I got two canisters for Valentine's Day. I found the rose flavor a little too overwhelming and couldn't taste any hint of chocolate. So I'd say this is a rose flavor black tea. I would be great to fine tune the flavor balances a little better with less rose and more chocolate, even if it means adding a flavor additive. The chocolate's just not there for my taste pallet to detect.

    02/17/16 | San Francisco, CA
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