• Erika O.

    Loved the taste

    Please bring available individual sale

    06/08/20 | San Jose, Costa Rica
  • West V.

    Awesome tea!

    Please bring back in a loose leaf canister so I can buy more of it!

    04/20/20 | Lewisburg, USA
  • Pamela V.

    Killer favourite!

    Outstanding tea! I use it only for special occasions - like I would an ‘82 Latour. Well, maybe not quite THAT special, but I just blew through my entire monthly budgeted ‘fun money’ stocking up on “Warming Joy” just to get this one single blend —- & I just got paid today! Please, I beg you, release this in loose leaf canister. I like so many of your teas (African Solstice & English Breakfast are close seconds), but this is the only one I wish I could keep stocked in my cabinet that’s not available in loose the leaf canister, or 1 lb bag.

    01/15/20 | Vienna, VA
  • Michael P.

    Wish they made this for single purchase

    Would love to see this as a single purchase tea. I can’t justify buying the variety packs just to have a couple of the bags inside. Definitely my favorite though.

    12/27/19 | Bloomfield, NJ
  • Ke K.

    individual canister for this flavor please?

    please please make individual rum raisin biscotti tea canister/one pound. I really love this flavor

    12/11/19 | Seattle, WA
  • Stephanie K.

    Simply sinful!

    Please add this as a single purchase tea. It is amazing!

    02/01/19 | JUPITER, FL
  • Nikki B.

    Received as part of the winter tea set package with blue snowflake cup.

    This was my favorite tea in the box, which was surprising. By name I thought it would be my least favorite. Please consider selling it individually like the other limited editions in Warming Joy.

    12/30/18 | Evansville, IN
  • Alice H.

    Please bring it back

    PLEASE bring this back as an individual loose leaf tea!!! This is my favorite flavor and I don’t understand why it is no longer offered individually. I’m not happy about having to buy teas I don’t care for just to get a few of the one flavor I love. Please, please, please bring it back!

    12/03/18 | Olive Branch, USA
  • Brenda K.

    Please bring it back as an individual tea.

    I LOVE this tea and have ordered it several times over the last few years. I don’t understand why it’s no longer available as a single unit instead of only as part of a mixed set. Please bring it back!

    11/18/18 | Traverse City, MI
  • Miriam C.
    Verified Buyer

    Love it

    05/04/17 | San Juan, U.S. Territories
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