• Deborah B.

    NEEEEEEEED Filter Bags Back, PLEEEEEEASSSE!!!!!!!!!

    My all-time favorite tea flavor - PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the filter bag version of this tea - I would have purchased cases of this had I known if was being discontinued - still will.....PLEASE bring the bag version back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10/22/15 | Castleton on Hudson, NY
  • Marcy A.

    Sad to see the teas bags go

    I absolutely loved the old tea bags. Ordered the loose tea, but it has a very different flavor that I don't care for. So disappointed! Would love to see the bags return!

    10/27/15 | Los Angeles, CA
  • Gina G.
    Verified Buyer

    Not my fav

    Too tangy for me

    02/11/18 | Darien, IL
  • Jean K.
    Verified Buyer

    Loved it but can use more hibiscus

    Good combination of different flavors but wish they could put more Hibiscus in it then all the other herbs added to it.

    02/13/19 | VADNAIS HEIGHTS, MN
  • Ashley R.
    Verified Buyer

    Great for Summertime Sipping

    I love the bright, tart taste of this tea. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that it doesn't steep well a second time, unlike many other herbal teas I have. Still, it's very delicious!

    08/30/19 | Davenport, IA
  • Eric B.
    Verified Buyer


    As always a very wonderful tea. Can be a little bitter. But a little honey never hurts.

    02/11/18 | Lithonia, GA
  • James D.
    Verified Buyer

    Very good

    Last shipment was not as tart as previous shipments.

    09/11/18 | Reading, MA
  • Cassandra D.

    FOR CE - NOT APPROVED . Sweet and Delicious, but has thorns

    This tea is very good. It is nice and sweet, and I really like it. It's perfect with some sugar, and I bet it'd be great iced. Warning: Careful when handling. Tea Forte does NOT take out the thorns. I went to go scoop out the used tea and now I'm bleeding. (To Tea Forte: Really...?? I expected more from you. Not only is this dangerous, but it also waters down the tea. For high-quality tea, I expect no stems.)

    05/29/15 | Hartford County, CT
  • Mary P.
    Verified Buyer

    Help Here!

    Hibiscus is reported to help lower blood pressure - this tea is an easy and pleasant way to incorporate it in your diet.

    02/15/17 | Las Cruces, NM
  • David K.

    Filter Bags Awesome, Loose Tea Sadly Changed

    We loved the Wild Berry Hibiscus, in its original filter bags form. Since Tea Forte seemed to be discontinuing the filter bags, we decided to try the loose tea. We were sadly disappointed - the recipe has changed, and it is a much more astringent tea. While certainly having much of the original character, the changes have really made it a much less enjoyable cup - we loved it both hot and room temp and cold, previously. Really hoping they either bring back the filter bags, or return the recipe to the original for the loose tea. Thankfully, we still have a few boxes left... :)

    08/02/14 | Ottawa, Canada
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