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    looks exactly like the picture. it's a gift for my sister.

    It's a gift for my sister and came in really fast.

    12/04/17 | Honolulu, HI
  • Ronald R.
    Verified Buyer

    Very unique tea with delicious favors and combinations.

    12/29/17 | Cary, IL
  • J L.

    This is one of the first collections by Tea Forté where I enjoyed every single blend in the collection (Chocolateas was another). I got hooked on matcha a few years back and these blends are far less sugary than the other brand I tried. I enjoy my matcha in a latte (I use 2 of these pouches to make a cup, with just a bit of warm water and mostly steamed milk). Soooo good. The chocolate and coconut are my favorite, ginger and chai are great too. While the Pure is a little strong for me, I usually mix it with one of the flavored ones for a stronger cup. While the little pouches are nice for travel, I'm ready for larger canisters... soon please?

    01/06/18 | Boston, MA
  • Katherine H.

    Super tasty

    I love this collection. I mix one or two packets with coconut milk for a lovely treat. Sometimes I combine coconut and chocolate or chia and ginger, sometimes I only put one packet per beverage. I always use the Pure Matcha last, but I agree with the previous reviewer who said that this collection is an overall winner.

    01/06/18 | hamden, CT
  • Nancy M.
    Verified Buyer

    So far I am pleasantly surprised at this variety of tea. I am normally not a big matcha drinker but I love the coconut, chai and ginger. Would love to have them come in blue sleeve/Canister form to enjoy the varieties individually. Please consider this tea forte

    01/06/18 | Dousman, WI
  • Pedro V.


    Highly recommend - would buy again. Very clean and natural taste.

    01/07/18 | Boston, MA
  • Brian A.
    Verified Buyer

    Green Tea sample set

    This is definitely one of my favorite. I love green tea and this gives me a sample of the popular green teas. Would love to try some herbal sets too.

    01/20/18 | Cheney, WA
  • Kimia R.

    Delicious Taste, Easy to Prepare!

    I am a huge fan of these single steeps, each pouch packs a lot of rich flavor. It's super easy to prepare a cup for myself each day and reduces waste by pre-portioning everything perfectly.

    01/23/18 | San Francisco, CA
  • Merry H.
    Verified Buyer


    I thought i would purchase the single steeps matcha so that I could give all of the various matcha teas a try. I did not read the directions on the box at first (my mistake) and I put the tea in my Kati cup holder. Then I read the directions and realized that you do not use this tea in that fashion. So, please read the directions on the back of the box before you use this tea. I found the tea to be very refreshing. It has good flavor and I will certainly be ordering it again.

    02/11/18 | Iron Mountain, MI
  • Joanne S.
    Verified Buyer

    Wonderful Matcha!

    Matcha is my favorite morning tea. These single steeps are a special treat when I want a smooth matcha with just the right amount of interesting flavor added - especially the coconut and ginger. I give them as gifts to my matcha-loving friends.

    02/11/18 | Denver, CO
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