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    Tea Forte is a great gift idea. The teas are very flavourful and relaxing. The presentation is very classy. Loved them!

    06/13/20 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
  • Leighanne P.
    Verified Buyer

    Very Tasty Teas

    Very flavourful. Was a gift and recipient loved them all.

    06/13/20 | Dundas, Canada
  • Debra B.

    Delightful flavor combination!

    I received a 20-pyramid sampler box as a gift which included this green mango peach, and it was by far my favorite! I ordered a canister of it so I could enjoy more, and now I am ordering a 1-pound package so I can save a bit of money because I know that I must continue to have this wonderful tea! I especially enjoy the way the peppermint and ginger contribute to the overall flavor. Now that the summer heat is starting to make its way into Mid-Michigan, I will soon try over a tall glass of ice.

    06/08/20 | Bay City, MI
  • Pamela W.
    Verified Buyer

    Gift for my daughter, “Just Because “.

    Some flavors “Wowed” her (white ambrosia), some were a thumbs up (green jasmine), pass on the black teas. The quality is outstanding! She can’t wait to get another surprise delivery 😃

    06/07/20 | Westerville, OH
  • Ingrid W.
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    My first experience was at Lowe’s Hotel in Miami Beach. I was so impressed that I decided to plan a high tea event and tried the assorted box. My family loved the different varieties that I plan on getting another box. Of course they had preferences but loved majority of the teas.

    05/22/20 | West palm beach, FL
  • Rae T.
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    Every flavor is a delight!

    05/20/20 | Torrance, CA
  • Sandra R.
    Verified Buyer

    Surprise in a Box

    On one of my birthdays, my husband presented me with a box of assorted teas by Tea Forte and a tall cherry blossom mug. As I opened the mug, I began laughing. I realized I had purchased the same mug for my daughter but never gave it to her. I ran and got her mug. We chose a tea from the assortment and sat down from a relaxing moment. I quickly found out that I’m crazy about the African Solstice. I have gone through several boxes of it. This past Mother’s Day, I sent my daughter-in-law, who just gave birth to twin identical boys, a box of the Tea Forte tasting assortment teas. She is a tea drinker and really loves the assortment. She calls it her little “Surprise in a Box.”

    05/18/20 | Ridgefield, CT
  • Tom P.
    Verified Buyer

    Great variety

    This is an outstanding collection of tea

    05/13/20 | Pittsburgh, PA
  • Erica A.
    Verified Buyer

    Love the assortment

    Best mix tea flavors thrilled with my purchase and would purchase this box set again

    05/10/20 | Melbourne, FL
  • Lisa R.
    Verified Buyer


    I gave a box of your tea to a doctor friend; and she said it was great!

    05/10/20 | Deltona, FL
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